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    A brilliant engineer who turned to a life of crime and became one of Cybertron's most dangerous crime-lords. Devious, cunning, and ruthless, there is almost nothing he won't do to attain power. He once served under Deathsaurus and was a mentor to Megatron (Beast Wars version).

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    Once one of Cybertron's most gifted engineers, Cryotek eventually turned his talents to crime for more profit and unethical freedom. He made daring advances in several outlawed technologies, creating devastatingly powerful new weapons, his own body being one of his crowning achievements. Handling his criminal empire with all the dedicated, cold logic of a scientific researcher, he became one of the most dangerous outlaws on Cybertron.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Great War

    During the Great War between Autobots and Decepticons, Cryotek supplied arms to the Decepticon general, Deathsaurus. He ultimately betrayed him however by selling him out to the Predacons, thereby earning himself amnesty after the war.

    The Golden Disk

    Plotting to steal data that would lead him to the location of a sacred Maximal artifact known as the Golden Disk, Cryotek dispatched his promising pupil, Megatron, to carry out the operation. Cryotek knew however that Megatron would betray him sooner or later, and so alerted the authorities to Megatron's heist so that he would take the fall for everything. When his subordinate Dirge returned with the data storage box however, it was found to be empty except for a Maximal security homing beacon. Cryotek's prediction had come true; Megatron had betrayed him, setting his master up to take the fall for the theft of the Golden Disk instead. Cryotek's lair was overrun by the authorities and he was taken into custody.

    Megatron's Return

    After Megatron returned from the Beast Wars on prehistoric Earth, Cryotek offered to help his former pupil rid himself of his beast mode, with Cryotek secretly planning to take Megatron's powerful dragon form for his own. Cryotek was unprepared unfortunately for the painful metamorphosis that came when he tried to take Megatron's Transmetal body, causing him to slip into stasis lock. When he awoke, Cryotek found that Megatron had stolen all his research and development operations, and that he'd used it to take over Cybertron with a devastating virus and his Vehicon horde. An outlaw among his people and Cybertron itself conquered, Cryotek exiled himself to the far reaches of space.


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