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Philip was an assistant to Professor Niles Raymond, a man who built a cryonic sleep chamber in 1947. Concerned with the surmounting threat of nuclear warfare, Professor Raymond and Philip submitted themselves into the cryonic chambers with their wives until the nuclear threat was over. Philip, however, had ulterior motives because his wife was dying from a disease that was progressive and degenerative. He figured since the technology wasn't advanced enough in the 1940's, he'd keep everyone frozen until the time was right for his wife. Philip was elected the person to check on the machines and the social climate every few years, so the subterfuge worked in his favor.

While stealing organs and information from a Gotham City hospital, Cryonic Man caught the attention of Batman and the Outsiders. The Outsiders defeated Cryonic Man in battle and was forced to reveal the truth to his friends. They did not forgive his treachery and all four of them died.

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