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Crymelord worked his way to the top of New York City criminal organizations, becoming the most powerful crime boss in the city to the point of becoming legendary.  

When a newcomer arrived, one Alexander Belisle, Crymelord would not allow another to take over what he had worked so hard to control. He soon learned the truth - Alexander was actually the powerful demon lord B'liale. He spent a fortune trying to discover how to combat the demon and his work paid off. He learned of seven magic talismans created long ago by the Druids capable of killing demons and angels alike. 
Although he lost track of B'liale, Crymelord waged war on the demons of the city, killing any and all he or his men came across. It was during one of these attacks he learned of Avengelyne's presence in the city and had a meeting with her. He offered to join forces with her against the demons, himself being the lesser of two evils. She declined, but he left the offer on the table, viewing her as a demon killer and no threat to his business.  
When Crymelord learned of the return of Alexander Belisle, he planned to finish him once and for all. He led the attack on B'liale and his minions but they were interrupted by Avengelyne, who had been possessed by an evil sorcerer. Crymelord and B'Liale put aside their differences and teamed up to escape with their lives. The teamed up further with Devlin Trask and Father Peter, friends of Avengelyne, and devised a plan to protect themselves from her magic and to capture her.  
She was able to escape and even though Crymelord had learned many new powerful magic spells, he was no match for Avengelyne. She used her magic to turn him into a rat. 

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