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Crux was the child of two prominent alien research scientists, but his life changed when a Tamaranean space craft crashed down to Earth, killing his parents. He would spend the next few years continuing his parent's research, trying to find out a way to enact revenge on all aliens. He eventually found away to splice his DNA with that of other alien species, giving him the ability to transform into a giant beast, giving him the powers he needs to attack those who blames for his parent's death.


Crux was created by Red Hood and The Outlaws writer Scott Lobdell and artist Kenneth Rocafort.

Major Story Arcs

Red Hood & The Outlaws

Shortly after Jason Todd, Roy Harper, and Starfire join up to form a makeshift team, Crux finds a picture of Starfire posted to the internet. Seeing as it was a Tamaranean ship that killed his parents, Crux feels that Starfire is partially to blame for the accident, even though she wasn't actually involved. Crux tracks down Starfire in Colorado, where Jason and Roy are dealing with a threat known as the Untitled, and attacks. Knowing he probably can't beat Starfire outright, Crux baits her into following him to a location where he's restored a piece of Tamaranean technology he uses against her. The weapon doesn't kill Starfire, but it seems to depower her.

Crux is attacked by Roy Harper and is pinned down to the ground. Crux manages to get free and attacks Roy with Starfire. Roy defeats him by slipping from his backpack and setting off its self-destruct feature which knocks out Crux as they fall into the water. Starfire is revealed to have regained her powers and carries Crux and Roy from the water. Jason comes running from his fight with the Untitled and the team starts heading off with Crux's unconscious body.


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