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Returning home, Crush finds his mother dying in front of the television. Muttering her last word, "My boy killed the president..." and on the screen was Evil Ernie, who had uncanny likeness to Crush. It didn't take long to ghouls to arrive to his house. Crush took up a bat and swung his way out of there. Crush swore revenge on Evil Ernie, he remold himself to be a soldier. Finding some drugs in Virginia that made him feel stronger, he was all set.

Major Story Arcs

Evil Ernie

He tracked Ernie until a he found proper opportunity to attack. He used a fuel truck to ram Evil Ernie, it did no good though, he survived. In the struggle Ernie lost Smiley, Crush thought nothing of it. The thing turned worse, Ernie was surrounded with corpses and he rose them. Being outnumbered he blew up most of the ghouls with a grenade and disappeared with the blast, finding refuge within a church, where he had built a base of sorts. Half the reason he chose the church as a base was that Crush was deeply religious and he thought Evil Ernie being evil can't survive in a holy place. Evil followed Crush to the church and again they fought. Ernie was constantly growing weaker and that made Crush over confident. At the same time Smiley found his way out of the gutter and tripped Crush. Evil Ernie seized the moment and killed Crush, he then rose as a ghoul and Ernie told him to jump into river. Crush didn't have the chance to follow that order, as he was captured by Dr. Price's men.

Being strong as human, made Crush stronger than regular ghoul, plus when fitted with General Ramsey's combat armor, Crush was ready to face Evil Ernie again. After Price sent out the invitation, it didn't take long for Ernie to arrive. Crush was the first to face Evil, the fight was short though, almost slicing his head in half, Crush lost.

The Omen

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It is unknown how exactly he survived, but he did, and it seems he regained his mind and wasn't controlled by Ernie anymore. He joined The Savior's gang, and followed his orders as a good soldier. This brought Crush into conflict with Morgan Gallows. First he followed Vex and reported her moves back to the Savior.

His next job was to execute Gallows himself. Armed with a silver bullet, he took the shot. The bullet hit it's target, but it wasn't a kill shot, Rip pulled it out before it did terminal damage. After that, Crush returned to CODA (Church of Divine Ascension). Using, what seemed to be mind control, to subdue Voodoo Childe, who was sneaking around the building. The Savior punished Crush for failing to kill Gallows, but let him live. Soon after that Crush disappeared and didn't take part in the final fight between the Savior and Morgan Gallows.


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