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    Sarah Rogers is the daughter of Steve Rogers and Carol Danvers/Rogue from Earth-9811. In this world, during the Secret War, the heroes became trapped in the Battleworld after the death of Reed Richards.

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    ORIGIN and Major Story Arcs

    In an alternate world where the heroes and villains assembled for the Secret Wars never left Battleworld, the location of the conflict, the combatants called a truce and settled down to raise families. Sarah Rogers was born the daughter of Steve Rogers and Carol Danvers, whose personality had taken over Rogue's body long ago.

    Malefactor (Vincent Von Doom), the son of Doctor Doom, tried to take over the Battleworld, and return to Earth, in order to follow in his father's footsteps and conquer it. Sarah lead her fellow young heroes to stop Vincent, and along the way grabbed Mjolnir, proving her worthiness to wield the enchanted hammer.

    As the older generation of heroes and reformed villains fought off the Doombots that Vincent had sent, the Hulk returned from his self-imposed exile to inform them that he had finally found a way home to Earth. He had a device that used the portal-opening ability of Mjolnir, but the elder heroes decided it was too dangerous to use. Sarah and the other teenaged heroes met up at the device that night, to test out the device, and prove it was not dangerous. The teenagers did not make it home, but instead found an Earth that was swarming with Sentinels.

    After they easily dispatched one of the robots, Sarah insisted that they not give up and go home and that it was their "duty to bring peace to this planet, or die trying," following the example of their heroic parents.

    Powers and Abilities

    The same as Steve Rogers but can lift over 50 tons.


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