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    Captain Britain of Earth-2122

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    Crusader X is an alternate-Earth version of Brian Braddock, the Captain Britain of Earth-616. In this reality, (Earth-2122) Britain is still a global empire, maintaining its American Colonies.


    Albion was created by Chris Claremont and Alan Davis. He first appeared in Excalibur Vol 1 #21.

    Character Evolution

    Crusader X was first encountered by the members of Excalibur during their Cross Time Caper, but has since appeared in other supporting roles involving other members of the Captain Britain Corps. Curiously, in his first appearance, while his physical build was similar to his Earth 616 counterpart, he sported long black hair which he wore tied back. Later appearances will change this to a short blonde hair style.

    Major Story Arcs

    Cross-Time Caper

    Excalibur first encounters Crusader-X during their Cross-Time Caper. On this world, Britain is still a global empire with the American colonies still under its rule, though it is being contested. Crusader-X is flying over London when he hears military helicopters, both transports and gunships. Following them, he finds W.H.O. investigating the appearance of a train powered by a dragon. While police Commander Dai Thomas is not happy with Crusader's appearance, Brigadier Alistaire Stuart explains that his intentions were to contact Crusader-X.

    Investigating the training, Crusader-X, W.H.O. and the police commander discover a number of sleeping quarters and a picture of Nightcrawler. In this world, Nightcrawler is Imperial Prussia's premiere assassins. As there is a summit of world leaders convening the following day, the conclusion is drawn that he must be present to act during the summit. Crusader-X then asks to be led to his compartment and once there, utilizes is aura perception abilities to locate Nightcrawler.

    Crusader-X finds him with Phoenix (Rachel Summers), who senses that this world's Jean Grey is in danger. While they are discussing it, Crusader-X attacks, but Phoenix is able to warn Nightcrawler of the impending assault and uses her telekinesis to push him into a nearby body of water. She is then able to hold him with her powers until she senses the injury to Jean Grey., at which time she rushes off to try to help. At this point, Crusader-X resumes his attack on Nightcrawler and, after a short fight, easily incapacitates him, taking him into custody.

    Crusader-X is then called to investigate an attack on Sir Charles Xavier's school. He is greeted by this world's Archangel (a female), who escorts him to Cable, the school's head of security. Cable explains that some sort of Psychic shockwave more powerful than anything encountered affecting everyone, though those with psychic powers were affected the most. The epicenter of the attack was Xavier and Moira MacTaggert, whom Xavier tried to shield from the blast. The only lead they had was that Jean Grey's vehicle departed the grounds directly after the attack. Crusader-X sets out to find her.

    Crusader-X returns to London, finding the members of Excalibur attempting to free the captured Nightcrawler. He immediately engages and finds himself fighting Captain Britain, with whom he is evenly matched. Noting their similarities but afraid to give a moment's hesitation, they are eventually interupted by Lockheed's roar. Realizing they are not enemies, they find Iron Man, who had just taken out both Phoenix and Meggan, preparing to assassinate the gathered world leaders. They two defeat him, however with no actual evidence other than Phoenix's word of the true mastermind behind the event (this world's Shadow King, who has taken over the Hellfire Club), nothing could be done to bring him to justice (or prove he existed for that matter).

    Heir Apparent

    Crusader-X would appear again, aiding Captain Britain during Mastermind's plot to take over Otherworld. Crusader-X is one of the few remaining survivors of Mastermind's attacks on the Corps. He, along with Brian Braddock and his allies (members of Excalibur, Roma, Betsy Braddock, Black Knight and Captain UK, among others) are captured by Mastermind, but are freed when Sir Benedict, disguised as Mastermind's executioner, frees Captain Britain, giving Betsy the diversion she needs to free herself and the rest.

    While Captain Britain faces off against Mastermind, Crusader-X and the rest fight the Warpies, to whom, due to their involvement in the deaths of other members of the Captain Britain Corps, is unmoved by the fact that they are actually children corrupted by Mastermind. After the battle, however, he allows Captain Britain to free the Warpies, though he does so with some reservation.

    Crusader-X is present when Captain Britain is crowned King of Otherworld and takes the place of Roma as Omniversal Guardian.

    Powers, Skills and Abilities


    Captain Britain Powers

    Crusader X seems to have the same base powers and abilities as the Earth-616 Captain Britain, granting him superhuman strength, agility, endurance, speed, reflexes and flight. During their fight in Excalibur 22, Crusader-X conceded that his opponent was slightly stronger than he was, but that Crusader was slightly faster, but that was the sole difference and those differences were marginal at best and both proved evenly matched.

    Aura Perception

    Crusader X does have one power that other members of the Captain Britain Corps have not demonstrated. He can sense the residual aura left by a person on his or her possessions and then track it to its source. In his first appearance, he uses this to track down Nightcrawler, and it is said that once he had the scent, there was no evading him.


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