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    Once a member of the Externals before having his life drained by Selene

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    He was one of the immortals known as the Externals, and he was one of the meanest and maddest of the team, often seen as being a barbarian. His purple skin and apparent strength are the only known manifestations of his mutancy.

    Even though his exact age, race and name are unknown it is known that he has been revealed as having been an ancient berserker as well as remembering Mithras (a religion from around the 1st to 4th centuries AD).

    He was also used by the other male Externals, who called themselves the High Lords. He was their personal enforcer and assassin in their power game. Gideon has also said that during World War II he worked in a Nazi death camp, operating a gas chamber purely for his own enjoyment.


    Written by Fabian Nicieza and drawn by Mark Pacella.


    Crule, after being exiled by the Externals, is found and sent by Gideon to attack X-Force after the rescue of Sunspot. His main mission is to find the newest ascendant into the External family, Cannonball. He finds their aircraft and forces his way aboard. He fights the team but is blasted off the ship by Rictor and falls a thousand feet, putting him in a body cast.

    When the Externals kidnap X-Force members Warpath, Boomer, and Siryn to lure Cannonball in so that they can study his DNA, the rest of X-Force sneaks into Crule's hospital room and abducts him, although he is happy to help them because it would mean he could "humble" his fellow teammates. He gives the location of Saul's house to X-Force and they go and rescue their friends. Still a threat, X-Force decides that instead of waiting for him to heal and attack them that they'll dispose of him. Since his body cast floats, they dump him in the Pacific Ocean.

    He is killed along the rest of the Externals by Selene when she drains his life force.

    In the arc Newer Mutants, Cable assembled a team to battle the Externals. Crule was among the members.


    Augmented strength, speed, agility, endurance, and reflexes

    Hair coiled into whip-like strands, had clawed gauntlets.


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