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Almost nothing is known about how Crudlick became a werewolf or how he became the leader of the Were-Devils Athletic Club. Probably he was human once, bitten by another werewolf.


Crudlick was created by Michael T. Gilbert as an enemy for his new series Mr. Monster for Eclipse.

Character Evolution

Crudlick was the leader of the Were-Devils Athletic Club, a voilent werewolf biker gang. Seeing their numbers dwindle due to the actions of Mr. Monster, the Were-Devils were actively recruiting other werewolfs to join. One day they encountered Myron Clotz, a reluctant werewolf.

Myron's first initiation test went wrong when his victim turned out to be his collegue Millie Feinstein, who developed a crush on Myron. When Myron forgot about Crudlick after his failed test, Crudlick kidnapped Millie and forced Myron to kill Mr. Monster instead. However, Myron asked Mr. Monster to help him. Mr. Monster killed most of Crudlick's gang, including Crudlick himself by dumping Crudlick into an acid pool.


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