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Five Reviews in One

 Bang Bang
 Bang Bang
This is the five reviews I wrote for the original four issues plus the Death issue that came later.  Contained in this book is Pain,  Fear, Irony, Despair and Death.
Only for a comic that is as legendary as the Crow do I feel bad for giving it a rating of four-and-a-half instead of five stars.  Alright, let's remember that the comic is different than the film.  The Crow comic is awesome very awesome but the film did polish the comic and made the story the legend that it is.
I have always wanted to read this comic being a fan of the movie for decades.  I can tell you that the book didn't disappoint.  There were great differences from the book to the film that made this a real treat to read.  I did not feel like I was reading a frame for frame version of the film or a watered down version.  The comic is grittier and darker than the film and it feels like a behind the scenes story or a this is how it really happened story.  I loved reading about the other characters like Mr. Jones, Ratso, Fat Eddie and Mad Jack
Time to pay Top Dollar
Time to pay Top Dollar
I loved this book and can see the genius that brought about the desire to make this a film.  The book is highly recommended as a "rated R" read.  If you can pick it up (most likely in a trade) this is a must have.  Classics like this and be read by any self proclaimed comic fan.  

I am amazed at the genius behind these books and can see why the film that came later was such a success.  The problem is I can only see this in retrospect.  If I was to read these books today without knowing the end result I may not have liked them as much.  To be frank I did not see the genius in the film the first time I saw it.
The book is filled with hate and violence.  James O'Barr would tell you the same thing.  It is too jarring for my mind.  It makes me sick....and yet it is gritty, real, and very powerful.  I love the character of the Crow in the film I saw a character dish out real revenge.  Not just a bullet in the head but he instilled real fear.  real honest to God fear.  I will never forget the scene where he duct tapes T-Bird to his car while T-Bird is crying and yelling and saying "this is the really, real world?  there ain't no coming back!  There ain't no coming back.
 "Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children" -- William Makepeace Thackeray
In this issue we are not there yet.  We are getting both the tale of Shelly Webster and Eric Draven at the same time.  So we have no idea and only a little idea of what is going on.  As a stand alone issue there are thousands of questions as a complete story we have a beautiful and chilling tale of vengeance and many would say Justice.
These kind of books remind me of my friend who lives hundreds of miles from me and whom I never actually met.  Silkcuts.  I have no idea if he would or does like these comics but he can recognize the brilliance in this kind of work.  Read his reviews and you will know he is a comic scholar and an asset to comicvine.  This is a great read for comic lovers.  I highly recommend it to anyone who can read an "R-Rating"  I give the book four-and-a-half stars. 
As a stand alone issue this does not have a lot that happens The Crow faces down Funboy at the Gin Mill and sets up the final meeting between him and T-Bird.  The series has been building toward this moment and this book just seems to crank up the suspense.
 Walking in on Funboy
 Walking in on Funboy
This is not a bad book when reading the whole series but it is not as good as the first two as a stand alone book.  We also get Funboy who is remorseless and that takes away from the revenge angle.  Somehow having Funboy defiant until the "end" takes away from it.  How can Funboy "pay" if he is remorseless.
Over all I recommend this book as part of the series.  At this point the suspense is killing as much as the Crow is I cannot image how the people who originally felt when this series ended before the final issue was published.  Luckily, it was published by another publisher.  I give the book four stars and if you are lucky enough to be able to find any book in this series and can afford it BUY IT.  It is a classic tale. 
RIP Shelly
RIP Shelly
This is my least favorite issue of the series.  It is not an enjoyable read but is necessary to establish the reason for the desire of revenge the Crow feels.  It is a graphic depiction of the sadistic murder of Eric Draven and the torture, rape and murder of Shelly Webster.
It is a nauseating.  There is not much to like.  It is way worse to read this than it is to read the death of Batman's parents.
It is way too hard to describe how I feel about this issue as there is no joy in reading this and yet it is what makes you understand the hate the Crow has.  What is worse is that this is the last issue of the series.  Due to financial problems Caliber never printed the last issue and it wouldn't be printed for over a year by another company.
I love the Crow and this is a part of that story but I do not love this issue.  Read it as part of the saga but don't stop here.  I recommend this issue as a "rated R" story and gave it three-and-a-half stars. 
 He can go home
 He can go home
This is the final chapter of the original Crow saga.  Aptly named Death.  The Crow puts an end to Fun Boy T-Bird and about twenty other gang members.  I surprising aspect of this book however was mercy and forgiveness.  He grants mercy to Two-Tone for no real reason.  Then at the end in order to go on to the after life his crow tells him he must forgive himself.
I loved the forgiveness of the book because it is harder to do than the vengeance.  The violence and vengeance came easy but when he is told he has to forgive himself he curses the crow.  I have been in a dark place from the beginning of this story and I glad it is done.  Not for any morale reason but I am glad Eric Draven (the Crow) gets his rest.  I am glad "justice" was served even if it horrified me.
The end, it is the end.  I highly recommend this book.  It is dark, gritty, violent, filled with hate and it is one of the best comic stories ever told.  It is also healing.  Yes healing.  He made it out the other side.  He can rest.  I gave this book four-and-a-half stars.  Read this classic tale.


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