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Tin Tin kills Bea (an old woman) Ratso and Fat Eddie. 

The Crow meets up with Tin Tin to deliver revenge. He then stops by to pay his respects to Top Dollar, who after The Crow dispatches everyone else in the room tires to bargain for his life.  Just like Tin Tin is doesn't work.
The Crow relives the time he was known as Eric Draven and his love with Shelly Webster.  It goes through there romance until she is shot in the head while she is making love with Eric by the Skull Cowboy.
The Crow (Eric Draven)  reminisces about happier times with Shelly Webster, and when he presented her with the wedding ring that would play into the later parts of the story. Eric catches up with Skank and Tom Tom, from which he learns the location of the wedding ring at "Gideon's Pawn" Shop. 
He then goes to Gideon Resale and gets back Shelly's ring.  He also kills Gideon and blows up the pawn shop.  Not before however he talks with Albrect about his wife and tells Albrect to send a message to Captain Hook.
On his way to his next target Funboy he bumps into Sherri and gives her Shelly's engagement ring and tells her he is going to send her mother Sandy Skin back home.  He meets up with Funboy who is with Sandy and does at he promises and tells Funboy that they will meet at the Gin Mill.
The Crow battles Funboy's hoods at the Gin Mill.  He also remissness of his murdered love Shelly Webster.
This is the tale of the death of Shelly Webster and Eric Draven.  This is a flashback/Origin Story to the events before Eric Draven becomes the Crow.
The Crow gets his revenge on Funbot, T-Bird's Crew and finally T-Bird himself.  Before he can go on however he has to forgive.  Forgive himself.


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Our Hearts Are Filled With Razorwire 0

There are places in our hearts we don't often visit, dark corners that wall us in during the early morning hours. You've been there, just as I have. You snap awake and the room that should be familiar is strange and you're unsure of yourself, shrouded in twilight memory, slipping into blackness. The void calls to all of us.I bought The Crow graphic novel again. This will be the seventh copy I've either worn out or given to a friend. Maybe I'll hold onto this one awhile. It has been too long out ...

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Medicine for the soul. 0

I am only going to talk about the graphic novel and not the movie that more people would be likely exposed to.  The Crow is one of those graphic novels I honestly believe everyone should read at least once in their life.  For those who are not familiar with the origins of this graphic novel, creator J (James) O'Barr lost his fiancé because of a drunk driver.  Not everyone experiences a loved one dying and those who have tend to struggle with that void.  The Crow was J.O.B's therapy.  The Crow be...

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Five Reviews in One 0

 Bang Bang This is the five reviews I wrote for the original four issues plus the Death issue that came later.  Contained in this book is Pain,  Fear, Irony, Despair and Death. Pain Only for a comic that is as legendary as the Crow do I feel bad for giving it a rating of four-and-a-half instead of five stars.  Alright, let's remember that the comic is different than the film.  The Crow comic is awesome very awesome but the film did polish the comic and made the story the legend that it is...

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