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    Crotus is one of the demons from Limbo who served N'Astirh. He became more ambitious after his master's defeat, and attempted to succeed where N'Astirh's plans had failed.

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    Crotus is one of the demons from Limbo who serves N'Astirh. He often referred to N'Astirh as "Mawther" due to a slight lisp. When N’Astirh and S’ym opened a permanent portal from Earth to Limbo, Crotus was one of the demons who came with them.


    Written by Louise Jones Simonson and drawn by Jon Bogdanove.

    Major Story Arcs

    Excalibur - Goblin Morn!

    Crotus - Original Appearance
    Crotus - Original Appearance

    After N'Astirh was defeated by the X-Men, Crotus was left wandering with one of his master's spell-books, and had grown tired of having served an ungrateful master for so long. It is at this time that he came across Rachel Summers, who'd been turned into a mannequin by the effects of Inferno. Brimming with new-found ambition, Crotus wanted to marry Rachel so that he could control the power of Phoenix Force within her. The ceremony was stopped by Nightcrawler however, and Rachel was restored to her normal self while Crotus was forced to flee.

    Cloak and Dagger - Isolation!

    Crotus - New Appearance
    Crotus - New Appearance

    Having made extensive use of the spell-book, Crotus had been able to save himself and a few demons from being sent beck to Limbo at the end of Inferno. He'd also become more intimidating and powerful in this time, and had used a minor spell to get rid of his lisp. Crotus now sought to bring about a new Inferno that he would lead, planning to succeed where his former master had failed. In order to crack open the gates of Limbo, Crotus needed to carry out a spell that required the souls of two mutants who were locked in despair - and the spell would be even more powerful if the mutants killed themselves. Using a locating spell, Crotus found his sacrifices: Cloak and Dagger, who had been separated due to some previous incidents. He sent his two underlings to deal with Cloak, while he himself went after Dagger.

    Crotus transported himself to Dagger, who had become blind after a confrontation with Night. Partially shape-shifting himself, Crotus pretended to be a newly-returned Cloak, and tormented her by saying everything, including the love he (Cloak) felt for her was a lie. He even tried to convince her that Cloak was actually a demon as he shifted himself back into his own form. Dagger fought back however, and knew that Crotus could not be Cloak since her daggers wouldn't hurt him otherwise. Crotus merely went on with his taunting however, urging Dagger to take her own life so that she could be with Cloak, whom he claimed was already dead.

    Cloak meanwhile was being tormented by Crotus' underlings, who were shape-shifting themselves into his parents, his sister, and also Dagger - all of whom taunted and hated him, telling him that only death would end his suffering.

    Dagger tried her best to fight off Crotus, but her blindness made it virtually impossible. Finally she asked Crotus to simply end his tormenting and finish her, at which point he started coming towards her. Dagger then let loose with all the power she could muster, flooding her apartment in her light daggers and destroying Crotus.

    Crotus' underlings wound up failing in getting Cloak to kill himself as well, and he instead banished the two demons to the Darkforce Dimension within his cloak.


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