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Volume 1.

Description from the author:

The Crossed pandemic swept through London like a lightsaber through slug meat. Out in the countryside, people might have stood a chance – to run, to hide, to never look back – but in the city? Penned in, seething with visitors and vendors, tourists and tarts…?

Imagine it. The Trafalgar Square fountains running with blood… the Soho streets – previously the haunt of trendy haircuts and media-monkeys – now swarming with sadists… a plane strikes the London Eye like an angry angel and cleaves it in two; red buses rampage like mobile abattoirs; fires gnash at the famous skyline, and – above it all – the endless sound of laughter. Cruel, childlike, vicious…

Imagine the city transformed – a labyrinth plucked from the heart of Hell – and you’ll understand that the odds of anyone getting out alive and uninfected would be a million to one. And then recall that London has – or rather had – a population of seven million. Which means that a handful of people… a handful of impossibly-lucky guys, by the law of averages alone, might just have made it…

Shaky is one of them. Winner of the most important lottery in the world: ejected from a maelstrom of close-shaves and crippling traumas that took him from a quiet Soho café – writing overblown spandex comics as does every other day – to the bloody banks of the Thames Barrier seven miles downriver. Born again into a changed world, tasked with finding a new reason to live. A new sanctuary. And, when he gets there, to wonder What The Hell comes next…

Free weekly web comic companion to the various Crossed print comics.

Official Site: Crossed

On skip weeks another companion series is released called Crossed: Wish You Were Here Interlude.

Collected Print Editions

The second volume begins at Crossed: Wish You Were Here.

The third volume begins at Crossed: Wish You Were Here.

The fourth volume begins at Crossed: Wish You Were Here.


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