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By Shane 'JudgeDreadlocks' McIver

"The second issue of Garth Ennis’ C-Day launched run on Crossed: Badlands is in stores and continuing the terror as only he can." -Avatar Press

The Good

After 18 years of reading comics, I must say I have never enjoyed it more than I have been now. Don't get me wrong, I adore superheroes, but I have recently ditched the cape and cowl for the more twisted content that Avatar Press has been putting out. What has recently been holding me captivated is Crossed. When I first discovered the series, I was instantly hooked and have since read every story published on the title. I remember hearing Garth Ennis say in an interview that he was finished with it...that he had done all he wanted to with it, and didn't have another Crossed story in him. Well, that was a joke! And thankfully so because "The Fatal Englishman" arc is incredible! I could go on and on about this but I'll try my best to leave out any big spoilers. Issue 26 is the second part of this story arc, and starts with a squad of Englishmen who plan to move in on a military base to take one last shot at restoring humanity. While there, they rescue several children, whom a group of survivors outcast due to their disadvantage when the crossed arrived. A priest who was a member of the survivors decided to stay after to look out for the kids. Interactions between the group members remain tame until a character named Harry decides to share with the priest that he has lost his faith. Things quickly take a turn towards the end of the book when Harry shows us the unfortunate event that took place the day he lost all hope and became faithless. Every crossed encounter, every hardship faced, has been "child's play" since that fateful day.

The Bad

Although an excellent issue, I gave it a 4 star star rating solely based on the lack of action. There was some great dialogue, but not much of importance to the story arc was discussed. I would have also been more visually stimulated if, oh, say, Jacen Burrows, had done the arworkt. No disrespect to Raulo Caceres! But, eh, to each their own.

The Verdict

Aside from the desire for a more thrilling issue, I thoroughly enjoy hanging on the edge of my seat after each one, anxiously awaiting it's next release.

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