Crossbones, could he get some powers?

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In the last issue of The Thunderbolts; Crossbones came in contact with the Terrigen Crystals. Though he was passed clear for no contaminations i still believe(more hope) that he could gain some powers. Im not saying anything super spiffy, but maybe some enhancements such as Cap. What dost Thou thinketh?

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That would be kind of cool. But what powers would you want him to get?
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Well, considering what we know about what happens to humans exposed to the Mists, it's usually not so good in the long run. Either their powers freak out, or they become dangerously addicted to the them. I'm thinking it will be gradual, then it will burst out in one issue. Then it will become a moral dilemma on whether to kill him or something.
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Maybe some enhanced speed or strength, nothing too crazy cuz that would be way out of his character
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@Rosebunse: That would be pretty cool, because i think he would get addicted and that would be a good dilemma for the thunderbolts
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He finally got powers! He is force to be reckoned with now.

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Yeah, he did some pretty awesome stuff in the last issue. Hope he still remains a Thunderbolts and don't escape from the group, I like the way he Ghost, Moonston e Juggy interact.
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I liked Crossbones because he didn't have powers, I hope they don't ruin the character.

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Too bad he was banned from Thunderbolts crew because of his powers.

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