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    Character » Crossbones (Barnes) appears in 10 issues.

    Crossbones (Nicholas) is from a parallel reality, he used his powers to destroy his reality's heroes in retaliation of the utter destruction of his home-planet.

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    Happier times for Nicholas
    Happier times for Nicholas

    Crossbones was born as Nicholas, a bright young boy. He grew up in a parallel reality on a distant paradise-like planet. His father was a space-cop whom fought an intergalactic war. Nicholas looked up to his father a great deal and his father's friends; that reality's Captain America and Nick Fury. Although the war raged on in the galaxy, Nicholas had peaceful childhood and was best friends with Mr. Lobkins, and android home-keeper. It was however then that the war came to Nicholas' home-planet. In a surprise attack, the whole small world was devastated, with most of it's residents dead and Nicholas gravely wounded to one of his eyes. The enormous failure of the space-heroes to stop this attack caused Nicholas to alter his views as he became embittered and looking for revenge as he grew older.


    Crossbones (Nicholas) was created by Ales Kot and Marco Rudy and first appeared in Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier issue 3 (2015). He is not to be mistaken for the 616 universe villain Crossbones (Brock Rumlow)..

    Major Story Arcs

    Vengeance on the Heroes

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    Nicholas wanted revenge for the events that destroyed his home-planet and the lack of protection the heroes where supposed to give to his small paradise planet. Nicholas donned the identity Crossbones and embarked on a mission of revenge. Traveling towards Earth, Nicholas fought against it's heroes in great success and seemingly killed all but was not able to kill Bucky Barnes. The killings had a profound impact on Nicholas, causing him nightmares. The fact that Bucky had survived caused a bitter rivalry between the two, which never really saw a winner. Eventually, during one of their battles, that reality''s Bucky seemingly managed to kill Nicholas. Things where however far from over. Nicholas survives and planed another round of revenge.

    To 616 Reality

    Nicholas had survived his encounter with his reality's older Bucky Barnes and had traveled to the 616 (or main Marvel) universe in order to kill both Bucky Barnes and Ventolin Xtal, the woman whom 616 Bucky had a relationship with.It turned out that Nicholas was hired by King Loki to take the planet of Mer-Z-Bow hostage. If the planet would not give up it's primary recources, which could be made into drugs, Nicholas had the job of destroying the whole planet. Luckily howver, Daisy Johnson, Bucky from the 616 reality and his future counterpart worked together in stopping Crossbones. He was eventually killed when he tried to escape back to his own reality.


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