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Current Events

Cross Christina has not been seen since the defeat of her master Kestrel in Teen Titans #28 - Legacy Part 2: Impure Thoughts in the Chaos Dimension. Her current whereabouts (as of 2015) are unknown.


Cross Christina was created by writer Gail Simone and artist Rob Liefeld in 2005. Their issues of Teen Titans are (as of 2015) the only issues in which Cross Christina has appeared.

Major Story Arcs

Cross Christina makes her first appearance in Teen Titans #27 - Legacy Part 1. Cross Christina and her metahuman allies are in the middle of a failed heist turned hostage situation when the Teen Titans intervene, and defeat them. When the police van transporting them to prison is attacked by Kestrel - a servant of the Lords and Agents of Chaos - he offers two of the metahumans the chance to be his minions, implying that the other two must be killed. After a brief battle Cross Christina and Server Aja emerge from the police van. They then engage the Teen Titans once more, revealing that the power imbued by Kestrel has turned them into his thralls.

In Teen Titans #28 - Legacy Part 2: Impure Thoughts the Teen Titans follow Kestrel to the Chaos Dimension, where he is holding the soul of Raven captive. During the battle that ensues Cross Christina is threatened by an angry Wonder Girl, which prompts her to betray her new master. She laughingly tells a shocked Kestrel she has always had 'daddy issues'. Although she helped the Teen Titans win the day, Cross Christina made it clear she was no friend of theirs. What happened to her is left unknown.


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