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    Reptile handler of the terrorist group Cobra. He is often in charge of security at their bases.

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    Marvel Comics

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    In the Marvel Comics series G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, Croc Master was a former alligator wrestler and burglar alarm salesman that resided in Florida. He founded Guard-Gators Inc., a company specializing in training alligators for home security. His advertisements in Florida newspapers garnered the attention of Cobra and he was then hired by the Baroness to handle security on Cobra Island.

    IDW Publishing

    In the current IDW continuity of G.I. Joe, Croc Master's origin is retold in G.I. Joe: Cobra #7. He was raised in the Florida Everglades by his father, an alligator farmer who dubbed himself "The Croc Master". His mother was murdered, presumably by his father, but he was so young that he had no recollection of her or her death. His father mistreated him as a child and withheld him from attending school because he believed him to be "too dumb". He often took care of the few crocodiles that his father had on the farm, treating them like his pets. One day, as a teenager, he returned home to find his crocodile killed and skinned by his father, who was selling the skin to a European business man. Filled with anger, he knocked his father into the swamp and unlatched the alligator pen and watched as the alligators ate his father alive.


    Croc Master was originally created by Hasbro in 1987 for their G.I. Joe toyline. Larry Hama developed his origin and wrote him into the marvel series G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero.

    Character Evolution

    Marvel Comics

    Croc Master wears a green scaled vest and boots as well as a black mask with a breathing apparatus to help him stay underwater for long periods of time. After being hired by Cobra, Croc Master spent much of his time on Cobra Island as head of security. He brought over and trained many crocodiles to be fast, hostile, man-eating, and psychotic. These crocodiles patrolled the island's swamps and waterways, whilst Croc Master spent much of his time sleeping in those very water ways, often lying on his back with only his nose and breathing apparatus breaking the surface of the water. He often referred to his crocodiles as "his girls" and gave them female names such as Chelsea, Lolita, Melissa, Tara, and Tiffany.

    Devil's Due Publishing

    Croc Master has a short appearance in the Devil's Due series G.I. Joe: America's Elite. In a flashback sequence, he leads a group of Jungle-Vipers in pursuit of the Baroness and Wraith, who were shot down by Cobra Commander while flying a Night Raven. Croc Master and his squad were decimated by Baroness and Wraith.

    IDW Publishing

    After murdering his father, Croc Master takes on his father's mantle. He continues on with the family business, although instead of selling alligators he becomes a go-between for narcotics trafficking. He begins to engage in acts of "Eco-terrorism" in the Florida Everglades, halting forest and swamp destruction as well as killing animal hunters and poachers. He draws the attention of Cobra, who's business division Extensive Enterprises is on the receiving end of his eco-terroist acts. Xamot Paoli attempts to recruit him, but Croc Master isn't convinced until approached by Venomous Maximus, a member of Serpentor's religious group The Coil. While working for Tomax and Xamot, Croc Master is seen as an unusual character, living in the sewers with his crocodiles and presumably cannibalized one of his adjuncts. His appearance closely resembles that of his Marvel comics version, just much less muscular. Croc Master is killed by Erika Le Tene, the adjunct to the Paoli Twins, in G.I. Joe: Cobra #3 as she attempts to flee the Extensive Enterprise compounds upon learning of Tomax's plan to have her killed.

    Major Story Arcs

    Cobra Civil War

    In Marvel's Cobra Civil War story arc, which saw Cobra divided and a fight for rule of Cobra Island ensuing, Croc Master sided with Serpentor. He would assist the Joes, who supported Serpentor during the civil war, in navigating through the island.

    Return of Cobra Commander

    Shortly after the Cobra Civil War, the real Cobra Commander would return and assume the mantle of Cobra leader away from Fred VII, who had convinced members of Cobra that he was Cobra Commander. Seen as a traitor (among many others such as Zartan, Firefly, Dr. Mindbender, Fred VII), Croc Master was imprisoned on a landlocked freighter and would eventually die of botulism from tainted food stores on the ship.

    Other Media


    The Sunbow G.I. Joe TV series was cancelled just prior to Croc Master's first appearance. He was, however, featured on TV commercials for the show.


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    The Marvel G.I. Joe comic series was closely linked with the Hasbro G.I. Joe toyline. Croc Master would appear as a toy just prior to his appearance in the comic series.

    Video Games

    Released in 1992, Croc Master was a mini-boss on Capcom's G.I. Joe: The Atlantis Factor for NES.


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