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Crissy is a woman who met the Flaming Carrot inside of a local bar. The two immediately hit it off and became lovers for a brief time. During their short fling an attempt on their lives was taken by Baba, the Flaming Carrot's jealous ex-girlfriend.


Crissy was created by Bob Burden for his series the Flaming Carrot. For an unknown reason she was called Krissy in her first appearance, but all appearances afterwards have her name spelled as Crissy. A similar phenomena happened with the character Krowbone, whose name is sometimes spelled Crowbone.

It is possible that this is an intentional change due to the wacky nature of the series they're featured in.

Major Story Arcs

Just Last Nite Across The City

Crissy meets the Flaming Carrot while he's visiting local clubs alongside his pal, Professor Seagull. Aware of his fame she asks him for an autograph and the two begin to chat, slowly developing attraction for one another which leads them to leave the bar to have sex, something Crissy wonder's about considering she asks him if Carrot's can actually have sex.

While the two are leaving the club they are attacked by Baba, the Flaming Carrot's ex-girlfriend, as she tries to run them over with a vehicle. Thankfully both Crissy and the Flaming Carrot are able to dodge the vehicle at the last minute and then continue on their original mission, winding up at Crissy's house for the night.

Unto His Own Parade

A continuation of the last story, both Crissy and the Flaming Carrot are seen together in Crissy's bed, wrapped up in the messy sheets. Their morning together is quickly interrupted as one of Crissy's friends, Judy, comes to warn her that one of Crissy's ex-boyfriends, Blind Boy, is on his way to Crissy's house. It is discovered that Blind Boy attempted to find Crissy while she was at the club but failed to do so before she had left with the Flaming Carrot.

Before Crissy can talk with Blind Boy he's attacked by the Flaming Carrot who hits him in the head with a tennis ball, stunning him. Flaming Carrot then announces to her that he needs to continue being a super hero and that if she ever needs to see him again all she has to do is whistle.


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