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Crisis on Infinite Earths #9 - Review

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With the Flash dead in the previous issue, thanks to Anti-Monitor's device. Flash made the ultimate sacrifice to save the Earth. All Earths, throughout the multiverse. With heroes dying left-and-right, their job is getting harder and harder to stop evil (Anti-Monitor) from winning. While the Villains are having their own spat between themselves and refuse to help the heroes in Earth's time of need, they might end up being all wiped out of existence before Anti-Monitor is done with all of the universes. Written by Marv Wolfman and artwork by George Perez, Crisis on Infinite Earths is one of the turning points of ALL DC Comic characters.  

The Good

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Looking back at one of the greatest battles of DC Comics Continuity, the heart and story haven't differed from today's comics. Just like all of the crisis we have today in DC Comics, it always begins, and usually, ends with a single threat. Better than both hero and villain, villains are in their turning point of being evil. Today's villains are all about the elaborate schemes to kill everyone off the face of the Earth, or just wanting to be loved instead of feared, or them wanting to rule over everyone. The villains of the old days, like Crisis on Infinite Earths and before, are just really comedic and aren't taken seriously. Anyway, the comic opens up with Guy Gardner talking with the Guardians of the Universe and discussing about the Anti-Monitor. When a flame of darkness blows up the Oa citadel, the Guardians all die. That is except for Guy and one Guardian (Ganthet). Ganthet tells Guy to swear his allegiance to him and Guy agrees, he flies off to stop evil. This is continued in Green Lantern #195.  
Villains are then seen in Brainiac's space-head-station, and are talking about taking over the world! When Luthor and Braniac elect themselves the leaders of villains, Luthor of Earth-2 tells his Earth-1 counterpart that he is much smarter than him. Brainiac then fries the Luthor from Earth-2 and no one questions their judgement. As time continues to unravel, heroes are making sacrifices more-and-more. Time is continuing to irrupt the skies and making the sky look blood red, with heroes from the past, present, and future are meeting one another, they need all the help they can get to stop Anti-Monitor. The villains activate their plan and start to try to pick off the heroes, and many heroes don't make it out of their battles! The death of Aquagirl occurs in this issue, and Aquaboy is shown trying to take care of her, However, Chemo's toxins pays the toll on Aquagirl. In the end, Psimon kills Brainiac and is about to make Luthor suffer for what he has done! 
What else is good about this comic is how each character is more empathic than their "today" portrayal. I think Marv Wolfman realy gets this concept, however I can look at really any comic made before this and tells that, that is how characters were supposed to be back then. The artwork is equally awesome, George has a good and unique artwork style, something the 80's and before then always had. We have talented artist today, but sometimes when paired with a certain inker or colorer, it makes it look like (i.e. Jim Lee's) or someone else's artwork. 

The Bad

I don't like how the villains had activated their plan in world domination right before the heroes attack Anti-Monitor. it seems to me that it could've been held off until the heroes were at their weakest, this was a point in time that they were stronger since they were getting heroes from the past and the future. All to fight this one time in the present. 

The Verdict

Crisis on Infinite Earths #9 still stands strong to the many comics before then. CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS is one of the major turning points of the DC Comics Universes. Overall this is a 4 out of 5.  

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