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    Formerly an agent of HYDRA, Crippler joined Silver Sable International as a key member of the Wild Pack

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    Brief History

    Carl Strikklan was a U.S. Marine who was dishonorably discharged. Striklan became a police officer under an assumed name, but was dismissed for excessive brutality. After a short stint as a mercenary for HYDRA, during which he battled Daredevil, Strikklan became a freelance soldier of fortune.

    Taking the callsign "Crippler," Strikklan worked solo for a while before he was hired by Silver Sable International, as a member of the Wild Pack's celebrated "A-Team." Crippler became one of the team's point operatives, acting as an invaluable point operative and interrogator.


    Crippler is both a sadist and a macho-sadist, and therefore enjoys pain in all forms, regardless of whether he is inflicting it or receiving it. This makes him an incredibly dangerous combatant, as he is unfazed by most injuries and possesses as inhuman level of savagery. His unnerving taste for pain are also a potent phycological deterrent for his enemies.

    Crippler possesses exceptional physicals conditioning, though he is not superhuman in any regard except his pain tolerance. He is a competent marksman, but prefers hand-to-hand combat, preferring grappling and wrestling moves that give him proximity to his enemies. He has specialized training with flamethrowers, which are his weapon of choice when hand-to-hand isn't an option.

    Crippler is skilled at "enhanced interrogation" i.e. torture.


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