Crimson Nun

    Character » Crimson Nun appears in 14 issues.

    The Crimson Nun is one of the warrior nuns who fought super Nazi villains during WW II.

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    Alicia's father was a war hero who died in the Great War. Her mother couldn't get over her father's death. As a result, her mother didn't look after Alicia, who grew up very independent. She went to a little orphanage somewehere on the East Coast, The sisters introduced her to God's grace and taught her that humility is the first step in the path of service to him. The sisters didn't break her fighting spirit, they just helped her to focus it.

    There was some trouble at the orphanage when she was older. Whatever happened, someone in the church noticed her and she ended up in the Silver Cross, a training academy for Magic Priests and Warrior Nuns. No one has done better at the academy than she did.

    With the world full of communists and fascists, pope Pius XI felt that someone special was needed to take the Lord's fight to a new level. Everything had to be off record in case things didn't work out. It was with his blessing and Father Enoch Vlasak's guidance that Alicia became the Crimson Nun.

    She was active during World War II, famous to this day as the arch-foe of Nazi super-villains. She fell in love with Captain Yoma of the Japanese Imperial Psi-army and they became a couple. On August 6, 1945 the Oni (Japanese demons) resurfaced after centuries. Captain Yoma had to focus on his new duty. Leaving him to do his duty, the Crimson Nun left him. In 1948, Captain Yoma had a war orphan brought to him. It is presumed she was the daughter of the Crimson Nun. This orphan became the mother of Sasuki Tamaki, the Ninja Nun.


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