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    The Crimson Fox was the identity for twins Vivian and Constance D'Aramis. They emulated Batman and became Le Renarde Rousee, or the Crimson Fox to avenge their parents death.

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    The sisters Vivien and Constance D'Aramis were the twin daughters of a research scientist for pharmaceutical company. When the twins learned their mother had died of cancer caused by experiments at the corporation, the company knew they could have law suit that could ruin them. This led to the death to their father. After this the twins swore revenge against Maurice Puanteur, the CEO of the company. They established a competing business to expose the unscrupulous company and put them out of business. They named their company Revson.

    In order for the sisters to keep their identity a secret they faked the the death of Constance. Constance was chosen by drawing straws. This would allow one of them to tend to matters of business as Vivian while the other battled crime as the Crimson Fox. They did this because they thought that it may be a bit obvious for a known public figure to disappear at odd times. This allowed them the perfect secret identity.


    The character of Crimson Fox was created for use in DC Comics by Keith Giffen and Bart Sears. Her first appearance is in Justice League Europe #6 which was released in September, 1989. The character was later adapted for use in DCAU.


    Crimson Fox made her first appearance Justice League Europe. She later killed the man who killed her parents and got her revenge. Due to the fact that she was twins and not just one person her mood and mannerisms changed often. She slowly became a background character. Her unusual costume made her often stand out in group shots of heroes. When the twin both died she came back briefly in Blackest night.

    There was a second Crimson Fox who belong to the Global Guardians but it was always unclear on her connection to the original D'Aramis sisters. Although she claims she was the heir to the D'Aramis fortune.

    Major Story Arcs

    After the Fox

    Vivian is holding a fund raiser for war orphans, that is sponsored by The World Food Organization, and the guest of honor is Bruce Wayne. The center piece for the fund raiser is a large globe full of cash donations. It is this globe of money that two would be thieves try to steal, not counted on the fact that the Crimson Fox would be hosting the fundraiser. They try to get away in a helicopter which the Fox is able to force them to crash into the Justice League Europe's embassy, more precisely into Captain Atom's bed room.

    With the limited help of Power Girl and The Elongated Man, Crimson Fox is able to apprehend the criminals and turn them over to the french police. But Captain Atom is enraged about his bedroom being destroyed and wants to have Crimson Fox put in jail too. Batman steps in and explains that the Fox was stopping the crime and she is loved by the french people and instead of yelling at her Captain Atom should ask her to join.

    Crimson Fox doesn't except instead she spits in Captain Atom's face, slaps him and jumps out a previously unbroken window. This seems like the end of her work with the JLE but the next day Captain Atom receives new bed and a note saying she'll join and hopes she can try out the new bed sometime.


    When The Elongated Man is giving a tour of the Justice League Europe's Embassy he volunteers Fox and Wally West to demonstrate the training room. Fox is nervous because she has never used the room before but Wally assures her its on the lowest setting so "it will be cakewalk." Fox goes along with it but mentions she doesn't know what a cakewalk even is. Unknown to the team, Stinky the cat has snuck into the embassy and while being unattended steps on the button that turns the training room up to MAX. Fox is quickly overpowered by some robot and Wally can't help. Captain Atom is forced to step in and defeat the robot. This was Crimson Fox's first time officially on the Justice League Europe team.


    Vivian uses her magazine clot to have Wally Tortollini's expo-say on the Justice League pulled.

    Bialya Blues

    When Crimson Fox is heading back to the Justice League Embassy there is a large crowd outside. Her first thought is it a mob rioting against the Justice League, but upon closer look she realizes they are happy. Once inside the Embassy Sue Dibny introduces her to The Global Guardian, who Fox recognizes instantaneously.

    Then Later when the Justice League and Global Guardians are attacked by a giant robot sent by Queen Bee, Fox uses her claws to cut into the robot. She is able to hit a vital spot but the robot almost falls on the crowd outside. Luckily Godiva and Olympian are there to catch it. She later fallows the teams into the sewer where Captain Atom blasts the robot to pieces.

    The Extremist Vector

    When the Extremists come to Earth, Crimson Fox is with Captain Atom, Wally West, Power Girl, Rocket Red, Elongated Man and Metamorpho on their first assault against the would-be invaders. Fox goes against Tracer and seems to be winning but Dreamslayer blasts the whole team and Fox is knocked out like rest.

    Then there second battle, the team makes a plan and Fox and Wally take on Dreamslayer to keep him off balance so he can't cast a spell but when the plan starts to fail Dreamslayer is able to teleport the Justice League to Angor and strand them there.

    In Angor the team finds Wacky World a fully functioning amusement park in a waste land where they find hundreds of robot who look like real people. They are jumped by the Carny, the self proclaimed ruler of Wacky Land. Fox and the team are forced to go on ride after ride, but its not until Captain Atom final attacks Carny that the robots of Wackey World attack the team. Wally helps them get away and find Mitch Wacky and Silver Sorceress who help the team get home.

    Back on earth Fox isn't in the final battle with the Extremists, but Silver Sorceress takes her form to get the surprise on Dreamslayer.

    Blood, Sweat and Tabloids

    Vivian visits her London Office and informs them that she will be staying there indifferently. Now that the Justice League Europe has moved their Head Quarters to London Vivian feels she need mover her alter ego there as well.


    When Stinky is catnapped Vivian uses her high power connection to get word when any of the news organizations get word from the cat nappers. She is able to intercept the information with drop off place and informs the team. She goes with Metamorpho to the drop off but the cat nappers never show.

    * This is the first time Vivian seems to let her teammates know she has a secret identity, and the connections she has. Although they still don't know her secret ID.

    Foxy Ladies/ Worm Food/ Night Crawlers

    After having an argument with Power Girl, Vivian goes to trade places with her sister, but Constance informs her that she will Vivian can be Crimson Fox a bit longer, she has an appointment at "The Society of St. Cholmondely". While Constance is out Vivian regales herself with how the twins became crime fighters. Meanwhile at the Society, Constance is being watched by Maurice Puantuer, who has terrible plans for her.

    Back at the magazine, Vivian gets bored and calls the League and learns that a Stagg Industry factory has gone missing. While investigate they are attacked by a giant worm. Vivian stays with the group while they investigate. Underground the team battles the giant worm and find they find a nest of huge worms. Meanwhile, Constance has been capture by Maurice and after her gives her a speech about destroying her and her company for ruining him he knocks her out again. The next time she awakes she is tied to the roof of Revson headquarters surrounded by giant worms posed to destroy the building.

    Luckily Flash shows up and is able to save Constance, and after her drops her off to deal with the worms and the damage they are causing, Constance meets up with Vivian. The sister then ambush Maurice and drive him mad with rage. He then tries to use the worms to destroy the sisters but dawn occurs and the worms turn on him.

    After Maurice's death, Vivian and Constance go back to the group. Captain Atom gets mad at Vivian, dressed again as the Crimson Fox, but Constance, who still appears as the damsel in distress calms him down. This interaction has made Captain Atom suspious but he can't figure out why.

    The Man Who Wears the Star

    Crimson Fox is seen with a Starro on her face like everyone else in London.


    Armageddon 2001

    When Waverider and Superman come to the Justice League Europe's Embassy looking for the Monarch. Superman asks the team to let Waverrider make contact with them individually and look 10 years in there futures. When it comes to Foxes turn she make Waverider feel uncomfortable but when he looks into her future she is in the old west.

    She finds herself in a poker game gone wrong. Bat Lash has just been caught cheating and the other cowboys think that Fox is in on it. The two dodge gunfire and escape into the wild west town, but when the cowboys catch Fox and Bat Lash they threaten to shoot them both. Upon realizing they are serious Fox beats the four man up with ease.

    Back in the present, Waverider stops making contact still confuse why Fox and and the rest are, in ten years, spread though out time. Fox then explains to an arriving Captain Atom that Waverrider is at the the Embassy because of what Superman has said.

    Green Lantern: Prize Fight

    Crimson Fox is among the Justice League member who watch Hal Jordon and Guy Gardner fight out who is going to be the Green Lantern of sector 2814.


    They shared their secret identity until Vivian was killed by Puanteur. After that Constance was killed by the Mist, Nash.

    Vivian deceased in Justice League America No. 104.

    Constance deceased in Starman (vol. 2) No. 38.

    Crimson Fox was ressurected as a Black Lantern. She has no major appearences, but is shown in Nekron's assault on Coast City. She is seen attacking some JLA and Teen Titans alongside french villain Madame Rouge (also a Black Lantern)

    New Crimson Fox

    During the Events of One Year Later a new woman has taken the mantle of the Crimson Fox. Operating as a French superhero in Paris, she is a member of the Global Guardians. The new Crimson Fox says she is the heiress to the D'Aramis fortune. Her exact relationship to the family is not stated.

    Revenge of the Green Lanterns

    While stopping the Double Dare twins, the new Crimson Fox is approached by the new Global Guardians. Fox tries to tell their leader Jet, she is not interested citing the fact that the Global Guardians seem to bent on taking down Green Lantern and "Green Lantern was a friend of her predecessor." But Jet won't take no for an answer.

    Later while making a public address to the world, Fox seems brainwashed into the Global Guardians mentality. She speaks almost robotic and calls for the head of Green Lantern. It later reveal like the rest of the Global Guardians she is being mind controlled by The Faceless Hunter From Saturn.

    Hal Jordon: Wanted

    Under mind control Crimson Fox and the rest of the Global Guardian attack Hal Jordon while he is in Russia. During the battle it is revealed that this new Crimson Fox has the same powers as her predecessors. She is then revealed to be under the mind control of the Faceless Hunter From Saturn and once they are defeated Crimson Fox like the rest of her team seem to go brain dead. Later Martian Manhunter is able to fix the Global Guardians minds and make them heroes once again.


    Crimson Fox is seen on a monitor in Rome working with the Global Guardians trying to stop Kobra.


    Crimson Fox is with the Global Guardians while in Venezuela when they try to help Chimera stop Canaima. Along with the rest of the team Crimson Fox is useless and Chimera stops the threat by himself. Later Taleb Beni Khalid calls on Crimson Fox and the Global Guardians to help Checkmate once again. He has the team meet him in Israel where Azhi Dahaka is heading. There the team battles the three headed dragon made of pure evil. During the battle Gloss points out that Azhi is male and Crimson Fox tries to use her pheromones on him. This gives Azhi pause and the team is able to bury him underground. Azhi breaks free and Crimson Fox and the team need to retreat, so that Chimera can defeat him permanently.

    Powers & Abilities

    The Crimson Fox can manipulate her pheromones this allows her to control men and induce fear in women; she is also a stunning woman with great beauty. Physical attributes include super speed and agility. The gloves are equipped with razor sharp talons that can cut steel. When Vivian died, Constance gained heightened senses as she reverted to her animal persona.


    • Height: 5ft 10in
    • Hair: Red
    • Weight: (Vivian)143lbs; (Constance)147lbs
    • Eyes: Gray

    Other Media

    Alternate Versions


    Crimson Fox in Trinity world was turned furry fox hybrid when Paris was transformed by Morgaine LeFay.

    Booster Gold: Blue and Gold

    Crimson Fox has a statue in the Justice League Europe Museum.


    Justice League Unlimited

    Crimson Fox was a part of the Justice League Unlimited Cartoon thus making her a part of the DC Animated Universe. She never had a speaking role but she was in many episodes.



    Crimson Fox Appeared in Powerless TV-series. She fought against Jack O'Lantern, and stopped a train from crashing.


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