Crimson Dynamo (Vanko)

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    Anton Vanko designed an armor controlled by electromagnetism. With its red covering, he named it the Crimson Dynamo. The Soviet government asked him to use his armor to serve them. On his first mission, he was sent to sabotage Stark Industries, but was convinced to stop by a young Anthony Stark.

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    Crimson Dynamo

    Crimson Dynamo is often described as an evil Russian/Soviet version of Iron Man. Although a female has worn the suit before, it is most often a Russian man with a suit of armor similar to Iron Man's. There have been multiple wearers.


    Crimson Dynamo was created by Stan Lee and Don Heck and first appeared in "The Crimson Dynamo" in Tales Of Suspense #46 (Oct. 1963).


    Other bearers of the Crimson Dynamo Armor are:

    1. Anton Vanko
    2. Boris Turgenov
    3. Alex Nevsky
    4. Yuri Petrovich
    5. Dmitri Bukharin
    6. Colonel-General Valentin Shatalov
    7. Gregar Valski
    8. Gennady Gavrilov
    9. Crimson Dynamo IX
    10. Crimson Dynamo X
    11. Crimson Dynamo XI
    12. Boris Vadim
    13. Galina Nemirovsky

    Anton Vanko

    The first Crimson Dynamo was a Soviet inventor named Антон Ванко (Anton Vanko), who was Armenian by origin. He built the original battle suit and battled Iron Man. Tony Stark realized that brute force could not defeat him and decided to fool him. Stark said Vanko's bosses wanted to kill Vanko after the first successful test. Vanko remembered that, before the operation, he was threatened with death. He escaped with Stark to America, where he became a senior scientist at Stark Industries. Vanko died killing the second person who would don the title of Crimson Dynamo: Boris Turgenov.

    Armor statistics

    All the pilots who have worn the Crimson Dynamo armor have been non-super-powered humans, usually with either scientific, espionage or military training. The inventor of the armor, Dr. Anton Vanko, possessed a genius-level intellect, with skills as a scientist and engineer.

    The Crimson Dynamo armor enables the wearer to lift over 100 tons under standard operating conditions. The armor contains various generic and specialized offensive weaponry.

    The generic features include:

    • Computerized digital communications, including a two-way radio, a phone and an external computer interface.

    • Sensors containing radar, sonar, X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) capabilities. These sensors are enhanced with Dire Wraith technology.

    • Hand-blasters: 1,000,000 volt high-frequency electric emission units mounted on the wrist, capable of projecting a charge 100 feet from the palm of each hand.

    • Fusion caster: primary chest-mounted weapons system.

    • Carborundum matrix alloy shielded armor: Three-layer system granting the wearer a degree of invulnerability from extremely harsh environments.

    • Boot jets, granting the power of sustained short-range flight.

    • Human senses protection, including sound bafflers and polarized lenses adapted for low and high-intensity light.

    • Life support and nutrition systems equipped with chemical, biological and radiological filtration systems designed to withstand high-radiation environments for extended periods of time, between 100 and 500 hours depending on the expended battery power.

    • Gatling gun: the Dynamo armor which replaced the one neutralized by Iron Man was less sophisticated and had a gatling gun built into the wrist gauntlet to provide additional firepower.
    • Shoulder rockets: another projectile weapon which was added to the refurbished Dynamo armor was a set of rockets concealed within the rear shoulder assembly of the armor.


    Crimson sputnik: mobile satellite, which can recharge the power resources of the Crimson Dynamo armor via an ultra-frequency laser. The satellite also functions as a remote control and communications device.

    Matrix generator: the Dynamo armor was capable of being digitally concealed using a belt teleportation-based armor matrix, which allowed an operative to conceal the armor; when needed, the user simply pressed the matrix generator on the belt and the armor would then encase the wearer.


    Height: 6'2"-7'8" armored

    Weight: 210-456 lbs armored

    Eyes: varies

    Hair: varies

    Alternate realities


    In the Ultimate Universe, there are two Crimson Dynamos:

    The first Crimson Dynamo is Chinese national Alex Su.

    The second and original Crimson Dynamo is Валентин Шаталов (Valentin Shatalov).

    Film and television


    The Marvel Super Heroes

    The Crimson Dynamo appeared in the part about Iron Man. This episode is based on its first appearance; some frames are frames of a comic book.

    The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

    EMH Crimson Dynamo
    EMH Crimson Dynamo

    Crimson Dynamo appears in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, voiced by Chris Cox. He has appeared in five episode so far "Iron Man is Born", "The Breakout", "Gamma World", "Masters of Evil" & "This Hostage Earth". He was voiced by Chris Cox.

    Iron Man: Armored Adventures

    Crimson Dynamo appears in the series, but sports a white armor, but is still of Russian origin. The Pilots name is Vanko. He returns to Earth after being left in space for 3 years to get vengeance on his family, who he thought he had lost. But, he was delutional from having spent such a long time in space. The armors life support systems were what kept him alive. It should be noted that Crimson Dynamo is extremely tough. Iron Man couldn't so much as put a scratch on the armor. In the series, Crimson Dynamo was build for space exploration. As such, it was built without flaws and to withstand almost anything.

    Crimson Dynamo in Armored Adventures
    Crimson Dynamo in Armored Adventures

    In episode 6, "Iron Man vs. the Crimson Dynamo", the Crimson Dynamo's name was Иван Ванько (Ivan Vanko). He had a wife, Isabela, and a son, Mikhail. He worked for Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. During a space expedition near the sun, he was given the white Crimson Dynamo space suit/armor, which could protect him from solar radiation. During the experiment, he went very close to the solar surface, which became unstable. The rest of the team left him, thinking Vanko was dead. However, Anton Harkov later heard a signal from him; unfortunately, they did not have the resources to save Vanko, so they flew away. Vanko was declared dead, but the armor enabled him to survive. When Iron Man was patrolling the city, he saw that something was falling. First, he and reporters thought it was a meteorite. However, it was Vanko, who tossed a steamroller at helicopter journalists, but Iron Man intercepted it. Wanting to reach Harkov, the Dynamo beat Iron Man. Stark flew to warn him. However, Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. already moved to combat readiness, under the command Harkov. Vanko could not be stopped. When Iron Man tried to delay the Dynamo, Pepper Potts found Ivan's family and led them to him. The Dynamo calmed down and surrendered. Vanko was voiced by Mark Oliver.

    Agent Carter

    Costa Ronin as Vanko
    Costa Ronin as Vanko

    The MCU version of Anton Vanko appears as a recurring character, played by Costa Ronin. This version of the character is still a young man, as the film takes place decades before the events of Iron Man 2.

    Video games

    • Crimson Dynamo is the main villain in The Invincible Iron Man for Game Boy Advance.


    Iron Man 2

    Anton Vanko and the armor worn by his son
    Anton Vanko and the armor worn by his son

    Though the character does not appear in costume or by that name, the Crimson Dynamo was the partial basis for two of the movie's major characters. Anton Vanko (played by Evgeniy Lazarev) is depicted as a Russian physicist who worked closely with Howard Stark back in the 1960's, and who helped play a major role in the production of the arc reactor that would eventually power the Iron Man armor worn by Howard's son, Tony. After being deported for selling patents on the Black Market, Vanko died in disgrace back in his native Russia. His vengeful son, Ivan (played by Mickey Rourke), sets out to destroy Tony Stark by using the arc reactor designs that were left for him by his father.

    Though Ivan is more closely patterned on the Iron Man villain Whiplash, the armor he dons in the final battle is heavily based off the Crimson Dynamo suit from the comics, making him a combination of the two characters.


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