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Bukharin is perhaps the most infamous of the Dynamos. He is a former KGB operative who was assigned the task of assisting the Soviet Super Soldiers in apprehending Magneto after a chunk of Asteroid M crashed to Earth. He provoked a fight with the X-Men and Avengers (the Avengers wanted to arrest Magneto, while the X-Men wanted to protect him). The Dynamo destroyed a cargo ship that Magneto had taken refuge on; he would have been convicted of the murder of the entire crew had the Soviet Super Soldiers, X-Men and Avengers not been present to save them. Afterwards, he was removed from the Soviet Super Soldiers.

Bukharin was the current Dynamo when Iron Man attempted to neutralize all armor wearers who utilized his stolen technology.

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Bukharin, in a less sophisticated armor, joined Russia's new premiere team of heroes, the Supreme Soviets. He was ordered to attack the defecting Soviet Super Soldiers.

Bukharin was later relieved of the armor after he caused an international incident, retrieving the original Titanium Man from the United States. He was given a new armor and asked to rejoin the Supreme Soviets as Airstrike. Bukharin has recently been sighted by War Machine and Tony Stark, in his original Crimson Dynamo armor. He lent it to Stark, who needed a less sophisticated armor than his own. Bukharin now serves as the liaison between the Winter Guard and the Russian Executive Security Committee; after the recent Dire Wraith invasion of Russia, he serves the Crimson Dynamo program.

Current status: alive


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