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    Character » Crimson Avenger (Carlyle) appears in 30 issues.

    The second Crimson Avenger, Jill Carlyle uses magical pistols to avenge those that have been killed.

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    The Second Crimson Avenger, Carlyle, during the time she fought Ted Grant (Wildcat) and Power Girl
    The Second Crimson Avenger, Carlyle, during the time she fought Ted Grant (Wildcat) and Power Girl

    Jill Carlyle was a criminal attorney who purchased the pistols of the original Crimson Avenger at a pawn shop to use upon someone she deemed guilty of a crime that she failed to convict him of. Once she dispatched him she became enslaved to the weapons, becoming their vessel, so to speak. An ever-bleeding and painful bullet wound manifested in the center of her chest as a chilling emblem of the new Crimson Avenger. Instead of a mask she wears a crimson blindfold over her eyes in tribute to Lady Justice. She apparently has the powers of teleportation and ethereal intangibility. She also gains the memories and skills of the individual she is currently "avenging". Whether these skills become permanent or are merely temporary is unknown. It is to be assumed that Lee Travis's skills have automatically been transferred to Jill, the current "wielder".

    She has been a brief member of the Justice Society when the Ultra-Humanite took over the world.

    She was also seen on a rooftop with Wild Dog during the Infinite Crisis. She and Wild Dog were firing on The Mad Men, who were believed to have all died during that encounter.

    Powers and Abilities

    Carlyle has shown the ability to go intangible, thus being able to evade many incoming attacks from enemies that are physically stronger than her. Furthermore she has the ability to teleport herself to different places, though this ability isn't always willing as the guns teleport her to those that need to be "avenged".

    The cursed guns that she has have shown to shoot bullets that are capable of penetrating even the invulnerable Power Girl.

    • Teleportation: She cannot use this ability on command. As a Spirit Of Vengeance she is forced to teleport to her next assignment no matter what is going on.
    • Phasing: She can force herself to phase through any object to pursue her assignments.


    Crimson Avenger Pistols: Two colt pistols that are cursed to turn the users into the next Crimson Avenger.

    • Infinite Ammo
    • Trigger less
    • Cannot Miss
    • Omni- Penetrable
    • Self Directional


    • Resurrection: She cannot die on regular accounts, even if she turns the pistols on herself they will a rise her for the next assignment.
    • Eternal Wound: Part of the curse is that she has a constantly bleeding wound on her chest that cannot be healed.


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