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"Scram, sister. Hang with me and you'll get nothing but trouble."

*Short Review*

I liked this one-shot.   I am glad I have it. If you liked the movie version of John Constantine, this might be up your alley.

*Longer review*

For those who don't know who Cal McDonald is, he is a character Steve Niles ( 30 Days of Night) created.  Cal is inspired from John Constantine and Niles had admitted to that.  The similarities do change with their methods of dealing with the undead.  John Constantine depends more on his wit while Cal uses a grenade in this issue.  Both are "occult detectives", but smoke and look cool in a long coat and besides drinking at a bar the similarities kind of stop there.
Cal is more similar to the movie version of John Constantine, in which a Gun and a magic will save the day.  If you enjoyed the Constantine movie, then I do recommend the Criminal Macabre series. This book has magic, monsters and a certain badass swagger to it.
- Silkcuts

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