If they're going to be in The N52, They need to be done right.

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In the old DCU, We had opposite versions of our favorite heroes hailing from AntiMatter Earth and Earth-3 (Or Earth-2 since GM made a book of it. Which ever it is). They were all opposite versions of the Justice League. Good was evil and evil was good. But the thing that was very different from these characters was their Origin. Ultraman, evil Superman, was a normal human who was either powered by kryptonite or was abducted by aliens and had his insides jumbled up like playdough. Superwoman, evil Wonderwoman, was not Diana Price but instead Lois Lane and she had Amazonian powers. Owlman, evil bats, was Bruce's BROTHER who had turned to crime after Bruce and his mother were shot dead. I could go on with the evil counterparts of Flash and GL but I'm going to get the point. I love the who evil counterparts idea and think it needs to return, which I'm sure it will eventually, but if/when it does it NEEDS to be done right. And in my mind right is this:

Ultraman needs to BE Kal-El, Last son of Krypton. All that matters is that his parents raised him to be evil. I'm going to suggest evil counterparts of Martha and Jon Kent who raise him to be evil. He needs to be raised so that he believes he needs to use his powers to rule the world instead of save it. His name also still needs to be Clark Kent, it's vital for his image.

Superwoman needs to be Diana Prince. Princess of Amazonia. Not Lois Lane. She needs the same origin as well EXCEPT instead of leaving Themyscira because of Steve Trevor or because of any other "honorable intentioned" exile, she is exiled in shame for killing Trevor or for eliminating her entire race. Something super b!tchy like that. And she'll be Ultraman's wife, instead of Lois, because Lois will be with Alex Luthor, Earth's Mightiest Hero.

Owlman is different. I kind of liked his origin of being Bruce's brother. It made things interesting. So I have two origins for him. One almost exactly alike to his old one and one completely new.

  1. Four members of the Wayne Family. Thomas Wayne (father), Martha Wayne (mother), Bruce Wayne (youngest son), Thomas Wayne Jr. (oldest son). A man guns down Bruce and Martha after attempting to rob the family as both Thomas's stand there in horror. The man runs away with the money and gems so he doesn't get caught. Thomas Sr. does nothing. Thomas Jr. is scarred and damaged because of how "weak" his father was for not risking his life to save his beloved little brother and his mother. Years later, Thomas Sr. tries to do justice in Gotham by becoming Commissioner of the GCPD to try to prevent more events in Gotham similar to what happened to him. Thomas Jr. seems like a normal guy on the outside, but at night he's the evil Owlman. He hates his father and wants to get revenge on him. The rest of owlman's intentions are similar to DC's.
  2. His origin is the same as Bruces. Parent's get shot, his life is changed forever, he travels the world to train under the greatest minds in the world. Difference is that he kills and plays dirty. Returns to Gotham and discovers the Court of Owls (yeah boy, I threw that in there). They learn he is a Wayne and try to kill him but he outsmarts them and kills Talon along with many of the members with ease. The court decides he is too deadly to kill and try to recruit him and train him further. He accepts their offer and becomes the new Talon. When he finishes their training he betrays them all and slaughters the entire court. He then becomes a crime master and operates in Gotham as a Crime Lord under the name of Owlman.

Power Ring is Hal Jordan's Counter part and has similar origins also to what he had originally. He found a power ring power lamp that contains the mad god Voolthom. Instead of the God trying to take over and force the user to have bad intentions, it's just an evil spirit powering the ring and lamp (think of it like the star heart). Instead of using his power for good, he uses it to try to take over the world. The ring works off of will so the greater the will to take over, the more powerful the ring.

Johnny Quick is the counter part to Barry Allen (I would say Wally, but since Barry is the leading Flash, it's him). Personally, I think the whole character needs to be rebooted. Johnny Quick is a such a stupid name. Quickster sounds somewhat better because dropping "Johnny" leads more to believe it's an actual counterpart and not just someone who shots up on superspeed. Anyway, This Barry Allen grew up similarly to our's. He was alone a lot and his Father was killed while his Mother was accused of it (figured I'd switch it around). Normal Barry dedicated himself to solving this crime as did his evil counterpart. Rather than wanting to solve it, however, he wanted revenge. Lightening struck Barry and gave him superspeed. He quickly, lol get it?, learned of his new ability and took on the guise as The Quickster, or hell he could even be called Zoom, but that's soooo cliche. Anyway he decides to live a life of evil because he sees the world as a horrible place for him having such a horrible upbringing.

Martian Manhunter could either be the last White Martian of a dead race or the last Green Martian of a dead race. Since I'm more of a "Let's keep it to the same person but make them evil" kinda guy, we'll say he's a White Martian. CURVE BALL! Why? Because it everything is reversed why not take it up a notice and reverse the Martian races? It could be argued that this is stupid because I'm not reversing the races of anyone else, but the WM's are totally evil..and they look a lot cooler...you know what, let's just keep J'onn a Green Martian and he can look like a White Martian (like M'gann does except reverse). He is teleported to earth by an evil scientist and kills him. He see's the human race as weak and defenseless so he decides to take it over as well.

Aquaman is still king of Atlantis but is sick and tired of humans contaminating his Ocean. So he decides to take it to the lands and take over that too. He's sort of similar to Emperor Aquaman from Flashpoint which makes his origin story able to fill in itself since I'm assuming most of you read it.

Together these seven superpowered being form the Crime Syndicate of Amerika and rule the world with an Iron Fist each ruling his or her own territory (similar to the animated movie JLA: Crisis on Two Earths...or what ever it's called)

It's a lot of reading to do but I think it's better than what DC has given us in the past...tell me what you think guys! Thanks!

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They should call Johnny Quick Jet, like the chem in Fallout lol.

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@The Man of Yesteryear: Jet would be fine, as long as the name is changed haha

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I agree that their origins need to be the same, as they are just evil versions of the same character. I also think, that if they are going to change WW's name, it should be Power Woman, not Superwoman. I mean, if they are just going to use the Super name anyway, why not have it be the evil version of Superman then? Anyway, she should be sent out by the Amazons to conquer man's world.

Lois should still be evil. Everyone who was good should be evil, & everyone evil should be good. Ultraman should have both Lois & Lana in a harem. Maybe even a kidnapped & unwilling Lena Luthor as well.

Linda Danvers would be an Earth born Demon of Fire.

GL should be Hal Jordan & the Corp should be a militant facist type police force with martial Law.

Martian Manhunter should still be the last green Martian.

As for Owl Man, very conflicted. For the evil CS version, it still needs to be Bruce, & is the same, his evil parents killed by a guy who was screwed over by the Waynes. Bruce rules Gotham.

Owlman, his brother would be a good character to build another universe around. We know how Bruce acts when his parents are killed. He becomes Batman. We even know how he would act if he got the GL ring instead of Hal. I'd like to see an earth were Bruce becomes a hero if his parent survived, maybe more like Iron Man? Also, how would his brother have become as a hero if he survived instead of Bruce?

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@the_man_of_yesteryear: @arturocalakayvee: How about Quick Johnny...?

Also, the Aquaman counterpart appears to be named "Sea King", based on the roster here on CV and maybe some solicits too. All I can think of:

No Caption Provided

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before Grant Morrison revamped the Syndicate, an anti-matter counterpart for Wally West named Slipstream was introduced. they could have used that name...but they didnt...

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@avenging_x_bolt: Wow this thread was made a year ago? The OP was really on the ball

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I'm bored to tears with "evil counterparts", especially when most of these characters already have an evil counterpart of themselves in their regular rogues' gallery. Zoom already is evil Flash. Sinestro already is evil Green Lantern. Superman already has Cyborg Superman and Bizarro and General Zod (and probably a half-dozen others that no one remembers). The only difference is these characters (with the exception of Bizarro perhaps) all have an actual backstory that explains why they aren't just carbon copies of the hero with extra toner. They are "evil" for a reason other than they just come from a Star Trek-style parallel universe where everyone is evil. It's the laziest kind of time-filler juvenile 10-year-old on a playground sort of storytelling imaginable.

That was acceptable in the doldrums of the Silver Age, but we should be better than that now.


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The second origin story of your owlman sounds pretty cool.

It is way better than the present one.

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