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Plot Summary

After one of his vigilante missions end with him being beaten up by none other than Captain America, The Punisher finds himself shanghaied into the services of Nick Fury and his Avengers. Frank - equipped with a powersuit looking like Captain America's uniform - is tasked to stop the Ghost Rider. The Ultimate Universe's Spirit of Vengeance is killing his way through philantropists and other seemingly innocent people. When facing off against the Avengers, Ghost Rider is scared off by a cross on The Punisher's chest. It is revealed that Johnny Blaze - the man now known as the Ghost Rider - is powered by Damian Hellstrom and has traded his soul to get a safe life for his beloved and a chance of revenge. His ultimate target: Blackthorne, now an important man in the White House. When Blaze reaches the White House, Hellstrom transforms Blackthorne into a redclad version of the Ghost Rider and the two face off. The Punisher manages to mortally wound Blackthorne and then go to do the hit that Nick Fury has kept him from doing in the beginning on the story.

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