Crime Champions

    Team » Crime Champions appears in 17 issues.

    A group of some of the JLA's and JSA's worst enemies who know about Earths 1 and 2.

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    When Fiddler, Icicle, and Wizard escaped from jail, the music Fiddler used opened the gateway between Earths 1 and 2, thus the three crooks were transported to Earth-1, right in the middle of a stage show. Chronos, Felix Faust, and Doctor Alchemy saw them in convict garb, and helped the other crooks to escape. They each learned about the others Earth, and began to make plans to destroy the JSA and JLA, and captured the two Flashes, as they alone could recognize the villains of both Earths.

    When the Crime Champions of Earth-2 went to Earth-1, they managed to trap the JLA in their Secret Sanctuary, but the JLA summoned the JSA, who could escape the Sanctuary just fine. Doctor Fate also sent the JLA to Earth-2 to tangle with their old foes, while the two GLs went to free the two Flashes. The JLA and JSA defeated their foes, but when the two GLs freed the Flashes, the energy they used activated a trap that the crooks had prepared for their foes. However the heroes managed to escape that trap, and went on to defeat the Crime Champions for good.


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