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Brief History

Death of Thomas and Martha Wayne
Death of Thomas and Martha Wayne

Originally called Park Row it is one of Gotham's most infamous locations. Crime Alley is said to be the "birth" of Batman and is often spoken in Bruce's origin. He had lost his parents, Thomasand Martha, in a shooting by a crook named Joe Chill who shot them point blank. It is said that after the gunning of the Wayne's, Gotham started to sink into a wave of crime. Bruce is known to visit this area often every year, leaves two roses in spot in memoriam. Recently Dick went with Damian to honor this tradition.

Some depictions have the murder take place in a back alley, though most depict a scene under a street light on the street corner. The site hosts the movie theater Bruce attended before the shooting.

Years later, Batman ran into Jason Todd trying to lift tires off the Batmobile on one of his visits to the area and subsequently placed him in a local orphanage. He later discovered however, that it was being run as a training ground for child thieves which Batman had to take down.

This is the only place in Gotham that has remained intact through the years and rebuildings, thanks to Bruce's influence.

In Other Media

Video Games

Batman Arkham Asylum

Game of the Year Edition Screen Shot
Game of the Year Edition Screen Shot

In Batman Arkham Asylum, Crime Alley has made an appearance when Batman was stunned by Scarecrow. In the game you play as a young Bruce Wayne walking down a illusion of Crime Alley (was actually a hallway) and witness the death of his parents.

Crime Alley has become a challenge mode for the Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition.

Batman Arkham City

Park Row Shot
Park Row Shot

In Batman Arkham City, Park Row is one of the starting spots in the game. The Monarch Theater is neighbors to locations such as The Ace Chemical Plant and Solomon Wayne Courthouse. Behind the courthouse is of course crime alley where Batman is allowed to roam and study.


Batman Beyond

It is shown that Crime Alley was the location of Bruce's parents death, but is also the location where he meets Ace.


In the direct to DVD animated movie Batman: Under the Red Hood crime alley is where Red Hood has taken the Joker. Telling Batman to come to crime alley if he wants the Joker back this is where we find out that the Red Hood is in fact Jason Todd. Both Batman and Jason battle it out here eventually leading to the destruction of a building by bombs that Jason had planted earlier

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