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Very little is known about Cressida. She is an iteration of the same individual who is incarnated across all time periods and on all worlds. She was perpetually unlucky in love, as each of her suitors was eventually either killed horribly, or revealed to be a horrible monster. At some point she came across the House of Mystery.


Cress was created by Lilah Sturges and Luca Rossi. She made her first appearance in House of Mystery #1.

Major Story Arcs

House of Mystery

Finding herself to be one of the few who is unable to leave the House, Cress becomes a barmaid. Angry and bored by their incarceration, she carries on frequent dalliances with various patrons of the bar, each time using a drug to erase their memory so that she never finds love. She eventually establishes a relatively stable relationship with Genevieve Montaigne, who has been romantically pursuing the various iterations of Cress across space and time. Distressed by the death of the Poet in the Space Between, she convinces Genevieve and Byzantium Mack to travel back in time and pick him up before he ever enters the House. When the House is stolen away by the Conception, she and Genevieve part ways with the rest of the staff. They settle down together and open a detective agency finding lost children.

Powers and Abilities

Cress' powers and abilities are unclear. She appears to be a being that, by unknown means, is constantly incarnated on all worlds and across all time. Dozens of her may exist at the same time, and always possess the same physical appearance and basic personality. Each is an independent identity, and no one Cress controls any other. She seems to possess a low-level awareness of any other selves that exist at the same time as her, as well as being aware of her past lives. She is functionally immortal, in that incarnations of her will presumably continue existing and carry her personality and memories forward, and she has died many times.


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