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    Gaoblin Priestess of Oblivion, arch-mage of Gardener/Gaoblin magic, and devoted guardian of Britanny 'Gia in the Gold Digger universe

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    A former servant and priestess of the Dynasty of the Stars and a member of the Gaoblin species, Crescens was stranded in the pocket dimension Oblivion for 25,000 years, where nothing could be born or die, when the Dynasty fled the universe and left the Gaoblin with no protection from the species who hated the Dynasty and it's servants save for fleeing.

    Salvation from being trapped in the endless cycle seemed to finally come in the form of the Lich King, an apparent avatar of death, who arrived with a child, an avatar of birth, in hand. At the Lich King's command, she fought against Britanny Diggers, only to realize that Britanny was the child's mother fighting to save her daughter Tiffany. Britanny fought her way to Oblivion's core and help re-set the dimension, making it alive again, and Crescens vowed to protect and serve Britanny with her life, training her in the ways of Gaoblin magic and guarding young Tiffany, who viewed her as an aunt.

    Guarding Britanny with her life on the journey back to Britanny's world, they encountered the Dynasty fortress ship Kia, abandoned by the Dynasty and with fond memories of Crescens. Assuming that Crescens was controlled by Britanny, it attempted to kill Britanny and free her, only for a martyr enchantment cast freely by Crescens to allow her to interpose her life for Britanny's.

    Though she died, her sacrifice caused Kia to realize it's mistake and become a powerful ally of the Diggers family, and her void claws were passed on to Britanny who would continue to use them to protect her family, and her memory was often cited by Britanny for the strength of her loyalty.

    Powers and abilities

    Priestess Crescens is a powerful magic user and martial artist, due both to her training under the Dynasty, and her millennia spent in oblivion. She is bonded to symbionts that form her 'vents,' holes that collect and focus magical power located in her head, abdomen, and legs, and her void claws, magical arms that can be used for a variety of purposes from physical combat, absorbing magic, or attacking with the same. All this combined makes her an incredibly formidable combatant.


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