Character » Creote appears in 47 issues.

    An elite member of the Russian military, who helped the Birds of Prey on a couple of missions.

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    Aleksandr Creote was a former Spetsnaz operative or Soviet Special Forces such as KGB, Creote was secretly in love with his partner Savant. He was a member of the Soviet Special Forces.

    He recently faked his own suicide after lying to Oracle proclaiming Savant had been murdered at the hands of the White Canary. His and Savant's deaths turns out to be a trick they used in order to betray the Birds of Prey while working with White Canary for Penguin.   

    Brian and Creote were offered positions in the Birds of Prey by Oracle yet again, Brian on technical staff, Creote as a bodyguard.  It is later seen in a meeting with Batman, the Creote still has some bad feelings for Bats.

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    A highly trained armed and unarmed combatant, Creote is also physically intimidating, being very tall and muscular.



    Real name: Aleksandr Creote
    Marital Status:  Possibly in a relationship with Savant 
    Known Relatives: None
    Group affiliation: Agent of Savant;  Birds of Prey
    Base Of Operations: Gotham
    Height: 6'8" Weight: 320 lbs
    Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown          
    Creote Quote 
    Savant: "I must admit, I don't understand females at all."
    Creote: "If it helps, Mister Savant, I believe they were sent here by the Devil."


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