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C'rel is the leader of The People, a small band of Saurid refugees that formerly inhabited an unknown area in that Badlands in the South West of the United States of America. Their group had been reduced considerably by an attack by the Dire Wraiths, and feeling endangered when they learnt of the Savage Lands they made the decision to trek there. They stumble upon an armed conflict between sets of humans in South America near the southern tip of the continent, and attempt to stay out of it, they are eventually assisted by the X-Men who dispel the fighting forces. The Saurians had explained there story to Rogue who relays it to the X-Men. As the X-Men were already heading to the Savage Land they decided to take the extra passengers after learning of their hardships and struggles. The extra weight means the large group must take an underground route with Rogue carrying the X-Men's Blackbird.

C'rel talks to Bishop and Beast about her father and his radical ideas, taking a more civil and open stance, advocating peace towards human and saurian interaction and advocating pacifism. C'rel's second in command, her warlord Khadar holding a more aggressive cynical stance, C'rel empathizes with his anger admitting to hating humans too, but explains she keeps hers in check as she believes in the ideals of her deceased father. A parallel is made between C'rel's father Arach'tyr and Professor Xavier of the X-Men.


C'rel is a Marvel comics published character created by Chris Claremont, Kevin Sharpe, Danny Miki, and Larry Slacker. The character first appears in the X-Treme X-Men: Savage Land mini series, appearing in its first issue released in 2001. Despite that being C'rel's first appearance, she is a member of The People, evolved Lizard people also referred to as Saurians who had been introduced by Chris Claremont in 1978 in his run on Ms Marvel. Her father she takes many ideologies from was also introduced around that same area by Chris Claremont.

Character Evolution

C'rel is one of the more prominent saurian type characters in Marvel comics mythology. Her particular species was as a result of nuclear tests done in New Mexico rapidly mutating reptiles in the area evolutionary processes causing humanoid like reptiles. The saurid companions she keeps and herself are interesting parallels to the X-Men, both groups outcast groups of individuals for superficial appearances and abilities, both groups with figures who hold the ideology of cohabitation and integration.

Major Story Arcs

X-Treme X-Men

C'rel accepts help on behalf of her people The People from the X-Men, who attempt to help them reach the Savage Land after they decide the American Midwest is too dangerous for them. From the tip of South America the X-Men carry them in the Blackbird jet, taking an underground route from the island of Tierra Del Fuego along the Drake Path to end up in Antarctica where the Savage Land lies. Although there is a slight tension, C'rel and her people get on well with the X-Men as they make the arduous trip, with too many passengers for the Blackbird to simply fly to the location. Unfortunately Brainchild of the Savage Land mutates is aware of the X-Men's attempt to cross the underground passage and triggers a natural disaster with the underground area being filled with water from the ocean above. The X-Men take extreme initiative quickly formulating a risky plan to escape the rushing wall of water. Rogue assists C'rel by carrying her personally with C'rel having to hope the rest of her people survive in the X-Men's Blackbird. With Bishop clearing debris, Rogue and Sunfire acting as eyes ahead, and Sage's superior piloting ability the X-Men manage to keep themselves and C'rel's people alive and safe.

The Savage Lands

C'rel and some of her people were separated during the aftermath of the escape from underground, and she lead her particular group of people to the Savage Lands where they reached the United Tribes of the Savage Land, one of the more developed and peaceful areas of the lands, welcomed by Delage the elected leader of that community. Beast learns that strange psychic phenomena has been affecting the area, but finds that C'rel is well, and experiencing much positivity and validation by seeing the United Tribes have Saurid species working hand in hand amicably with human species, the governing body composed of members of both. She describes it as a miracle and testament to her fathers beliefs. A problem persists however as Delage informs the group that a competing group of violent and savage saurids brings violence and conflict to their group. C'rel is saddened by this news as she was hoping to have put fighting behind her and her people. Beast pledges the help of the X-Men to ward off the violent groups hostility. C'rel is reluctant but decides that it is worth it to fight for her dream and she lends support to Delage and stands beside him when they rally their troops to prepare for battle against the violent band of saurids. She also believes that this opposing violent group may be holding members of her people hostage.

The Confrontation

The group led by Delage and C'rel head into the wilder areas of the Savage Land, backed by Rogue, Thunderbird, Beast and his new companion Lupa. The first opposition comes from Pterosaurs that swoop from the sky, Beast is enchanted by Lupa who is a double agent and seducing him with her powers, so he fails to alert the main group, but Rogue manages to punch one before being hammered by another. Then the main group is attacked by dozens of vicious velociraptors. C'rel nobly and perhaps naively attempts to get all sides to lay arms down and work towards a peaceful non violent solution, but she is surrounded by only bloodshed. When a velociraptor attempts to kill Delage however C'rel is forced into action and sets aside her pacifism to save the life of her new ally. The group faces a larger threat when saurids atop massive tyrannosaurus rex dinosaurs rid into battle. Worst C'rel recognizes one of the riders as Khadar. As Beast fights Khadar C'el makes her appeal and they realize that fighting has been a misunderstanding and that Khadar believed that Delage was keeping saurids as prisoners. The fighting ceases and the two groups head back to the United Tribes settlement. There they face one more challenge when Brainchild reveals himself as the mastermind behind the tension. He sends his savage land mutates to attack the X-Men but they are defeated. C'rel and Delage are left attempting to have their peoples coexist.

Powers and Abilities

C'rel possesses enhanced levels of strength, durability, agility, speed and healing due to her mutated reptilian physiology. Her skin was so tough as to make her resistant to sharp objects and bullets. C'rel is a capable and proficient fighter, and she holds a high position of power and authority among her people. C'rel appears quite wise and knowledgeable for her age and holds similar ideas to that of her father and those similar to Professor Xavier.


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