Creepy Archives #13

    Creepy Archives » Creepy Archives #13 - Volume Thirteen released by Dark Horse Comics on June 2012.

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    It's a lucky time to be a horror fan! Celebrate the tremendously terrifying thirteenth volume in the Creepy Archives hardcover series with classic tales by Bernie Wrightson, Bruce Jones, John Severin, and more, as the esteemed horror magazine hits another fruitful period of frightful delights in the mid-seventies! Collecting the classic Creepy magazines #60 through #63, plus several color pieces by Richard Corben, Sanjulian, and Ken Kelly--with black-and-white stories throughout by Tom Sutton, Jose Bea, Bill DuBay, Jose Gual, and many others.


    Slaugther House

    A baby is found in its nursery...dead. The maid drowned in the bath tub and a ghostly dwarf stalks the halls of the sinister Slaughter House.

    A Most Precious Secret

    Erich never told his bride of the vampiric curse he had inherited from his father, but Erich's bridge had her own deadly secret.

    The Hero Within

    He was just a little boy with a big imagination, but when he was locked in the dark cellar the things from his imagination came alive.

    Monsieur Fortran

    He said Monsieur Fortran's book foretold of flying saucers and little men from alien worlds/ All of France laughed at it. They shouldn't have.

    The Other Side of Hell

    Old Charlie Struthers died alone, begging for a second chance at life. But it was too late. Charlie was condemned Hell

    Stranger in Eternity

    The Stranger returns, searching for the secrets of life and death, but the road to such knowledge is tortuous, and littered with peril.

    The Scrap-Heap

    A religious man is killed by greedy hoodlums but it doesn't end there. The most diabolical creature ever to hit New Jersey seeks retribution.

    The Ghouls

    This evening, a pair of gravediggers with an unusual passion meet a deadly menace. Join the two as they discover that the night has well as eyes!

    Terror Tomb

    Treasure hunters invade the ancient, sacred tomb of High Priest Khartuka. Watch as they take the wraps off a murderous mummy, and it's dread curse.

    The Blood-Colored Bike

    A pair of wheels and a fortune are enough to make Cesare Santini happy. But he killed to get them, and now must pay the price.

    Twisted Medicine

    Enter a fairyland of dragons and demons. Subservient to a cruel witch, an embittered and conniving hunchback looks to overthrow his evil mistress

    Enter Ghastly

    A unique comic book story about a comic book story. F. Worthworm, anti-horror vigilante, gets just desserts in a tale of one man's weird creative passion.

    The Black Cat

    Berni Wrightson makes his dramatic Warren debut with the classic Edgar Allan Poe tale of a feline phantom that becomes the conscience of a murderer


    Rendered senseless by a toss from his hoss, buffalo-bagger Hawkins awakes in an Indian settlement. But the pelt-hunter finds that things aren't quite right.


    A cruel and wholly insensitive landlord visits one of his slum tenements. The reception awarded him by his 'grateful' tenants is, in fact, something extraordinary.


    They came in droves. Indestructible metal conquerors, ready to enslave all of mankind. Only an explosion massive enough to destroy the entire world, could save it.

    Survivor or Savior

    A man from the far future pays a visit to San Francisco. The success or failure of his mission will determine the fate of mankind.

    The Maze

    It started out as a routine enough robbery, but it ended up a nightmare as a trip on the subway train took John Jacob Hindley straight into a living hell.

    The Demon Within

    An unearthly drama is enacted in an unlikely place...on the ledge of a building, with a many-storied drop. It's a battle of minds in which no one can win.


    Out in the deep woods, an ax is raised to kill this strange, pitiful girl. But when Jim saves her, it eventually costs him his family, his sanity, and much, much more.

    A Touch of Terror

    There are thousands of them and they lurk and wait in the most insidiously innocent of disguises...Wait to rip, tear, and rend all mortal flesh.

    Ghost of a Chance

    It's said a fortune lies hidden in the grim, haunting confines of Lindler mansion! Also waiting is the owner's ghost...Plus a horrifying curse!

    Demon in the Cockpit

    Can science and black magic exist together...Or must they constantly war? For one viewpoint have a look at our cataclysmic color insert

    Fish Bait

    What began as a pleasure cruise swiftly becomes a journey into nightmare when shipwrecked survivors must duel man-eating sharks, each other, and...the unknown.

    The Clone

    Dr. Grant Deighton lies in his hospital bed, knowing vengeful death stalks him! The very creation responsible for his survival now comes to brutally slay him!



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