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    Coombs is a Triton Base employee who becomes the Chimera after an accident that happened during an unusual experiment.

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    Creature King was created by Jack Miller and Nick Cardy.

    Character Evolution

    Silver Age

    The story reveals his human face is a mask and hints that "Jed" may not be human. However the specifics are never explored. His giant form was strong enough to carry Aquaman and Aqualad away from the sea, open up ship hulls with a single punch and swat away armies of sea creatures (including whales) with little to no effort. His human form seems athletic and agile but no more durable than the average young man. He uses a handgun.

    Post-Flashpoint (New 52)

    After the events of Flashpoint, DC Comics relaunched their entire comics universe.

    In this continuity, Creature King/Chimera is now a employee of Triton Labs that after an accident becomes the Chimera.

    Major Story Arcs

    Triton Labs

    Following Karaqan's psychic echo, Aquaman finds a secret underwater base where he sees a diver known as Coombs being attacked by a group of sharks and saves his life. Within the base, Coombs is quickly attended to by doctors. But due to his injuries being serious and being in a vegetative state, he cannot survive without the help of life support and was therefore dispensable. Due to an unusual request, he is given as a test subject to Dr. Olson.


    Is revealed that Dr. Orson's research and experiments consists of hybridization between human and marine life. He therefore needed Coombs and combining cells and limbs from marine animals manages to turn him into a true chimera. Due to massive brain tissue loss, Dr. Orson to replaces portion of his brain with Karaqan's brain tissue.

    Before he could put a mental control chip, Orson gets killed by Chimera, which confused by their own memories and Karaqan goes after Aquaman.

    Powers & Abilities

    Chimera has a number of superhuman powers granted by a unusual experiment.

    Amphibian: Chimera's physiology is amphibian that enables to work on land and the sea.

    Superhuman Strength

    Superhuman Durability: Chimera is nigh-invulnerable being able to withstand the pressures and temperatures of the deepest parts of the oceans. Large-caliber weapons can't penetrate his skin, despite being susceptible to it when assume human form.

    Superhuman Stamina

    Enhanced Senses:

    • Echolocation: As well as dolphins and whales have posses echolocation to navigate or track someone as demonstrated in Aquaman 32.
    • Superhuman Sight

    Light Projection: Chimera has the ability to produce light of his own body to attract,repel or distract. As the Stormiidae emits red bioluminescence, presumably to see red colorprey, usually invisible in deep ocean environments.

    Telepathy: Due possess Karaqan's brain tissue Chimera has ability to communicate telepathically with marine life,but other than Aquaman is able to compel them to obey his orders even against their wills. On one occasion has demonstrated the ability to read thoughts of Stephen Shin,implying that he can use telepathy in non aquatic beings.


    Chameleon/Shape-Shifting: Dr. Orson introduced into Coombs modified fused cells Stone Fish,Mimic Octopus,Leaf Scorpionfish and some adptative Coral granting shape-shifting capabilities. Coombs can take human form or another animal without changing their original sizes not mentioning the ability to blend with the surrounding environment and take the texture and colors of anything else around .

    Changing it's form.
    Changing it's form.

    Healing Factor: Chimera possess accelerated healing process that enables him to regenerate damaged or destroyed tissue or even limbs with few seconds.

    Electrokinesis: This ability came from an electric eel and therefore can generate 1,500 volts of energy. If he is able to generate more energy than that is yet is unknown.

    • Electricity Projection: He can project electricity through his hands to stun or even kill.

    Claws/Teeth: Chimera's teeth can cut through concrete and steel.

    Chemical Secretion: As a Chephalopod it releases a cloud of ink to hide or to distract his enemies, also releases certain doses of poisons until now derivated from Lionfish and Stone Fish.However the most deadly of all is a acid breath that reduces a human being to the bone.

    Using suction cups to climb a ship's hull.
    Using suction cups to climb a ship's hull.

    Tentacles: Chimera has two pairs of tentacles full of suction cups, which uses to hold its prey or even settling on a surface as when climbed the hull of a ship,but because of shape-shift abilities is able to create inumerous tenatcles. He also have mini-tentacles alongside his face.


    Master Swimmer

    Expert Diver


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