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Creators Edge Press
206 South Meridian
Puyallup, WA 98371-5916

New independent publisher Creators Edge Press. This company is out to make there own stake in the independent scene and give writers and artists a source for distributing their work and ideas. The company’s mission statement probably says it best:

Creator’s Edge Press was born in the back of Comic Evolution by a mix of eight artists, writers, and dreamers. We are you. We are entropy. We are the end result of frustration and exuberance. We are fellow industry people brought together by a will, and a mind, to do something about the lack of outlets for INDEPENDENT comic artists and writers. We are indie.”

Creator’s Edge unveiled its work at the Emerald City Comic Con this last weekend. Even super-nerd extraordinaire, Wil Wheaton, stopped by to pick up some books. The scope of the company seems to be a focus on one-shots and graphic novels. The company’s creators seem to have a flair for post apocalyptic world scenarios, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see any tight-clad super heroes in the future. Creator Steve Lindsay, of Jesus Hates Zombies Fame is on board with a title, and we may see some more, ‘better known’ creators in the near future.

 If you’re interested in checking them out or if you have a store that wants to support independent comics you will soon be able to purchase issues and signed art from the web-store on the site, or contact Chuck Messinger @ (253) 770-6464    

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