Creation Equation

    Concept » Creation Equation appears in 13 issues.

    Composed of hieroglyphics found on the Creation Wheel, it is capable of granting godlike superpowers to whoever observes it.

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    "Divine Right"

    The Creation Equation is based on a series of futuristic hieroglyph-like symbols located on the Creation Wheel, an ancient artifact of unknown provenance. When translated into binary, these hieroglyphs create a string of numbers, the so-called "Creation Equation," that gives those in possession of the Equation access to the divine powers of the Creation Wheel and of creation itself, referred to as "divine right". Simply viewing the string of binary into which the equation has been encoded is sufficient to "download" the equation into a host, granting the host this divine right. Small parts of the equation, when viewed, can also endow limited elements of the power into those who view it.

    The Creation Equation creates godlike nigh-omnipotence in its human host. The host is capable of teleportation, reality alteration, reanimation of the dead (with no apparent ill effects to the reanimated individual), and numerous other abilities. It can also cause emotional and psychological disturbances in the human that hosts it.


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