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Crazy Legs is a member of Trash which consist of various mutants that work for a crack dealer named the Garbage Man. Crazy Legs agrees to be a runner because his mom needs drugs and he has mouths to feed. Trash would come into conflict with members of Power Pack when Alex Power decides to take down a crack house by himself. His siblings see Alex fighting with Razor Cut and Brute so they enter the fray. Crazy Legs uses his mutant limbs to kick Jack and Alex Power from behind during the fight because a cocaine merchant offered him triple pay for the protection. The fight between the two super powered crews stops when Blasting Cap causes a fire inside the crack house. Crazy Legs grabs Blasting Cap and walks away from the fire. The next day, Garbage Man is infuriated with Crazy Legs and the rest of Trash because they failed to protect a client's manufacturing operation. Garbage Man tosses the Trash gang outside and they decide to take a walk. The Power Pack members spot several of them and decide to follow them. Crazy Legs and Airhead spot the Power Pack from behind and believes Garbage Man would be pleased because he's sending Power Pack into a trap. However, Garbage Man is furious that they led Power Pack to him and big fight occurs when they crash the party. The Power Pack are taken down and Garbage Man wants the Trash members to inject them with a fatal overdose of drugs and dump their bodies near a crack house. Crazy Legs and the entire Trash crew refuses to kill for him and fight back against Garbage Man. Members of Trash free the Power Pack and they fight Garbage Man together. Blasting Cap unleashes a powerful blast that destroys all of Garbage Man's inventory. Power Pack and Trash go their separate ways and Crazy Legs realize that they will never be heroes.


Crazy Legs was created by Louise Simonson and Jon Bogdanove in 1987 and first appeared in Power Pack # 31.  

Powers and Abilities

Crazy Legs had superhuman leg muscles which he could extend and gave him superhuman leaping and kicking ability.

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