Crazy Eight

    Character » Crazy Eight appears in 20 issues.

    Crazy Eight is one of the first supervillains Spider-Girl ever fought. He is the son of Angel Face and Brother to Funny Face.

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    Crazy Eight is a normal man, and a full-time super-villain. He is first seen in Spider-Girl #2 , where he hires a group of militants inside a ware house. He has a showdown with Spider-Girl but manages to get the upper hand the first time. But he isn't so lucky the next time. Spider-Girl becomes familiar with his attack moves and easily defeats him. He is arrested, appearing next in the court-house, when Mr. Nobody shows up to release him. The plan fails when Spider-Girl shows up inside the courthouse. Crazy Eight almost escapes but Peter Parker blocks his way.

    Later, when Crazy Eight is released from jail, he works with the Kingpin during a city-wide crime war and gains Mr. Nobody as his partner. He realizes that his brother Funny Face is on opposite sides, working with rival crime-lord Canis . This brings him to constant verbal showdowns with his brother. Things come to a head when, during a conflict involving Spider-Girl, the 'new' Spider-Man, Mr Nobody, Funny Face and Crazy Eight, when Mr Nobody (aiming for Spider-Man) shoots Crazy Eight in the heat of battle.

    Crazy Eight's death causes his brother Funny Face to turn on his employer, Canis, breaking his mother, Angel Face out of her asylum and waging war on both Canis and the Kingpin, causing the rival crime lord's millions in damages, leading to a temporary end to the war.


    • Athletic moves and hand-to-hand combat skills
    • Eight-ball is armed with spikes, buzz-bombs, poisonous gas, concussive blasts, sonic weaponry and electrical jolts

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