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    Leslie Shappe is the killer known as Crazy Eight who was known for dispatching shady, underworld types.

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    Leslie Anne Shappe is the killer known as Crazy Eight who was known for dispatching shady, underworld types with her favorite weapon, a sword. This made her popular in the media and the boys in blue were in no hurry to catch up with her until she killed a popular Senator Ray Hartwell. She was apprehended by Wonder Man and the police after she decapitated Ray Hartwell. A hearing was to take place on whether she would receive the death penalty or not and Doc Samson was assigned to provide a psychological evaluation on her.

    Doc Samson visited Leslie in prison and she told him she was taking out the "trash" and disposing it herself. She carved the infinity sign on the chest of her first victim and a cop thought it looked like a crazy eight symbol- hence the name Crazy Eight. Doc Samson asked Leslie why she killed Senator Hartwell and she responded "Didn't like his politics". The court proceeding took place sometime later and Doc Samson told the judge that Leslie Shappe had her own set of values but was aware of what she was doing and the rightness and wrongness of her actions. The judge sentenced Leslie to receive the death penalty for killing Senator Hartwell.

    Doc Samson made a visit to Leslie's cell before her execution. She lost it for a minute and started smacking the guards around while she was being escorted to the electric chair. Doc Samson intervened and they manage to strap her in. The widow of Senator Hartwell, Beth Hartwell was there at the execution and she was sobbing while looking at a particular picture. Once she was strapped in, they executed her by electrocution. After the execution, Doc Samson approached Beth Hartwell and she kept saying it should have been her in the electric chair. Doc Samson looked at the picture she was holding and it showed Beth and Leslie as cheerleaders in High School. Apparently Beth was being abused by her husband and told Leslie about her situation. Leslie said she would take care of it and was executed for helping a friend. In Crazy Eight's profile in OHotMU 2006 A-Z#2 it states that Speedfreek was her brother.

    Powers and Abilities:

    Crazy Eight is a killer with a degree of superhuman strength and skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Her weapon of choice was a sword.


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