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A man whom originally only knew Marc Spector as his Jake Lockley guise. He frequents Gena's Diner. He will constantly use the same tea-bag for weeks until Gena gets fed up of seeing it and gives him another one.
He may seem like only a simple homeless man, but Bertrand Crawley often uses sophisticated words in his speech and is quite the gentleman. These mannerisms are because of his life before he was homeless. He is also very skilled in gathering information of what's happening on the streets and its because of this he is a valuable asset of Moon Knight's. 

Crawley's characteristic appearance
Crawley's characteristic appearance

 Bertrand Crawley used to have a wife and son and worked as a textbook salesman. But this marriage failed because of Bertrand's alcoholism which lead to constant fighting with his wife after the birth of his son Jimmy Crawley. 
Shortly after his wife left, she died of unknown causes and his son forever blamed him for her death. Because of this, Jimmy sought out his father by killing bums on the streets, figuring he would eventually come across his father this way. Without knowing he actually did run into his father, slashing his father's forearms as he tried to escape. 
Bertrand was saved by Moon Knight, and this was when he was introduced into the life of Jake Lockley and his many identities. Jake disguised himself as a bum and actually caught Jimmy having him arrested, but he escaped, chased by Moon Knight he backed off the edge of a building and plummeted to his death. 
Bertrand had realised The Slasher was his son by looking at old photos and blamed himself for how his son had turned out, not angry at his son whatsoever. Nor was he angry at Moon Knight (Jake Lockley) for the death of his son.

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