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    Craig Thompson is the protagonist in the autobiographical graphic novel "Blankets" by Craig Thompson. Craig goes through childhood in an Evangelical Christian family, experience his first love and faces his early adulthood.

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    Craig Thompson appears to be a fairly average and typical biological organism. Raised in a Christian household in Wisconsin, United States of America, with religiously devout Christians parents, he has a brother Phil. They live in a farmhouse with poor heat circulation. Like most brothers the two fight and argue, bond and go through periods of growing together and growing apart. Their parents are somewhat strict and prone to physical discipline which also bonds Craig and his brother. They are taught to never question their parents authority. They would have to share a bed as well which caused minor squabbles over blankets. School life is hard and tough, although he would often harbor guilt towards the way he treated his brother in retrospect, when other kids would tease his brother even if verbally, Craig would lash out them in a protective fit. Craig would otherwise feel out of place at school and with other kids his own age, but he comes to harbor an appreciation and skill with art. Peer acceptance comes when he attends a Bible camp. He quickly associates and befriends a group of teens attending, including a kind and friendly free spirited girl Raina.

    Raina and Craig share a strong bond that quickly blossoms into a strong mutual love. His first love.


    Craig Thompson is the main protagonist of Blankets, an autobiographical retelling of writer and artist Craig Thompson's early life. Some events and characters have been modified and altered. Blankets is published by Top Shelf Productions. Blankets was released in 2003.


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