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    A mystic with animalistic qualities. A boy abandoned but raised to be something amazing. HE IS COYOTE.

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    Eclipse Comics

    Orphaned when his parents die in an above-ground nuclear test, a young American Indian is taken in by a hermit who also happens to be a were-coyote.  They are joined by a witch, who becomes his foster mother.  One night, after an occult ceremony, the boy becomes a coyote-man himself, slays his adoptive parents and decides to live alone in the desert. 

    Able to look like anyone he chooses, Coyote has an even stranger power; by doing "a dance step to the music of the spheres," he can move about unseen.  Killing others who stumble into his domain, he murders an agent of the Shadow Cabinet, a group devoted to pulling down world governments.  Following another agent back to the Cabinet's lair, Coyote is smitten by the beautiful Phyllida Trant.  Deciding to woo Phyllida and take on the Cabinet for entertainment, he is shot, but not killed by her, who views him as an obstacle to her own dream of taking over the Cabinet. 

    Later, tearing out her throat, the disgusted Coyote returns to the desert. 

    Epic Comics

    The character was also published as a series in 1984 with a slightly different Coyote.  In this later version, the Coyote God, pet of the mighty Great Spirit, see that American Indians are being eradicated by settlers from Europe.  Taking one European and training him in the ways of the Great Spirit, giving him the same powers as the earlier Coyote, the Coyote God sends him out to keep alive the spirit of the past. 

    He does so still with fur on his chest, shoulders and arms, but more discreetly dressed in blue tights, white boots and a red bandanna.


    *magical powers 
    *enhanced senses 
    * ability to dance through reality enabled him invisibility, phasing, shapeshifting.    

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