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    Deb Lowry is one of the second generation of members of the group, The Grapplers.

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    Deb Lowry worked as a wrestler, with an old west theme, in the UCWF or the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation. Deb Lowry was then the second generation of members to be join The Grapplers. This second generation of members were dubbed as the New Grapplers which caused some tension between the original group and the new members.

    When The Thing was accused of murdering Titania, Cowgirl and the rest of the Grapplers attacked him. It was with the arrival of  Ms. Marvel that he was relieved of all accusations. 


    Cowgirl was created by Mike Carlin and Ron Wilson in 1986 and first appeared in The Thing # 33. 


    Deb, like most of the Grapplers, possessed skill in unarmed combat as well as superhuman strength and durability. She also had a gun which she wore around her waist using a holster which may suggest that she was quite a marksman as well.


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