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The Bounty Hunters


Cowboy Bebop consists of four individuals, including one very intelligent genetically altered dog. The cowboys, which is the slang for bounty hunters, on the Bebop are Jet Black(the Bebop's his ship), Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine, Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV(Ed for short), and Ein the dog.

The Ship

A secondhand space trawler that Jet converted into the ship we know as the Bebop. The only home they know. Not much to be said about it...except for how trashy it is maybe.

The Cowboys on the Bebop

Jet Black is a former member of the Inter Solar Systems Police (or ISSP), an incident (of which he will not elaborate) cost him his left arm and partial use of his right eye, forcing him to retire from ISSP and to get a cyborg arm and implants to improve his damaged eye. Jet is a throwback to the older, more civilized days when things are taken more slowly and methodically. Jet maintains operations aboard the Bebop, and he's also the ship's cook, though a lack of money makes the pickings slim at times. Besides the Bebop, Jet also has his own personal craft called Hammerhead, originally a Sack Fish catcher boat. He's also capable of flying Spike's Sword Fish II. In his spare time, Jet tends to his collection of Bonsai trees.

Spike Spiegal is one jive turkey, pardon my French. Three years ago, Spike decided to abandon his past and strike out on a life of his own, so he left the Red Dragons (a Chinese Mafia group) and teamed up with Jet Black to roam the solar system in search of bounty and adventure. A lean, laid-back individual, Spike is nonetheless competent in his abilities. His idol is 20th-century martial artist and philospher Bruce Lee, and he is constantly practicing his own Jeet Kune Do skills. He has yet to lose a fair fight hand-to-hand (well, except to Ed's father). Combine this with proficiency with a handgun, and he is definitely not a man to mess with.

Though he doesn't really own it, Spike calls the Bebop home. Home life for Spike, though, is relatively tame. If he isn't practicing his martial arts, he's watching the TV. TV is the Space Cowboy's best friend because of Big Shot, a "Solar System's Most Wanted" for bounty hunters. Spike also has a personal craft: his transit from home ship to planet. His "baby" is named Sword Fish II. Spike's personal ship was originally a Sword Fish asteroid racer (a notorious racing circuit in its day) but has since been customized to make it one of the fastest personal ships in existence. It is very maneuverable yet capable of incredible speeds, and it is able to fly both in air and in space.

Faye Valentine is quite the mystery. Apparently, she was placed in cryogenic stasis when disasters befell Earth and precipitated the great exodus. Many records that would've provided answers were destroyed, leaving gaping holes in Faye's life that no one (not even herself) apparently can answer. If memories are her least plentiful asset, debts are her most plentiful: amounting to a total too large to state. She becomes familiar with the mismatched crew of the Bebop and occasionally makes herself at home...if only to relax and await a scoop on a big bounty or easy money. Half the time she's on board, she's in cuffs while they rummage through her stuff. The one member of the crew she hates is Ein. She's never gotten along with the dog and frequently torments him. Most of the time, Faye is calm, confident, sometimes even cocky. She is an expert gambler and a sharpshooter to boot. But every so often, a softer, more timid side of her emerges: that part of her still looking for answers to her mysterious past, lost and bewildered. Though really a rival, Faye becomes as much a part of the Bebop as everyone else. Like Spike and Jet, Faye is an experienced huntress. Her personal jewelry is in reality an assortment of electronic devices, including a summons bracelet for her personal craft, Redtail. Redtail is based on a patrol ship design. Like Spike's Sword Fish II, Redtail is built to be fast yet maneuverable, and it also possesses a notable array of weapons.

Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV is..strange, to say the least. Born on Earth, a loner practically throughout her short life, Ed's life experience has been probably 90% virtual. A self-taught genius hacker, this tomboy lives for the Net, going by the pseudonym "Radical Edward" and amassing one of the most legendary reputations in the Net. Having had very little outside contact, Edward's behavior can only be described as bizarre. She acts much like a wild child, never addressing herself in first-person (a sign of her social immaturity). About the only time she's coherent is if she's working with something electronic. She either knows or can figure out the ins and outs of practically anything she sees, and there probably doesn't exist the computer that Ed can't hack. Hacking into machines happens to be her favorite hobby. She gets a real kick out of leaving her calling card (a smiley-face) on a victim's machine before letting loose a little bit of chaos. She's been a fan of the Bebop for quite some time, so she is more than happy to assist the crew when it arrives on Earth in search of a bounty. She's so fond of the ship that she hacks into it and makes it pick her up before heading out again.


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