Cowardly Lion

    Character » Cowardly Lion appears in 250 issues.

    A huge beast who lives in the Land of Oz.

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    A lion who thought he was cowardly but wasn't on Dorothy Gale's adventures.


    Like several other Oz-characters, the Cowardly Lion was first seen in flashbacks during the Fables: Legends in Exile story arc, while fleeing the Adversary's forces. In the Fables spin-off Cinderella: Fables Are Forever, it is revealed the Lion, along with the Tin Man, Dorothy Gale and Toto, was on the run from the Adversary's forces for years, before the group made it into the mundy world in the year of 1943. The Cowardly Lion and the Tin Man decided to live out on the Jersey pine barrens rather than staying at the Farm, while Dorothy went on to live as a killer for hire among the mundys. At some point years later, all of them were captured by Mr. Revise's people and imprisoned at the Golden Boughs. When Mr. Revise reluctantly allowed the revised Fables to be restored back to their original self, and the Cowardly Lion learns that he was actually vicious lion looking for restraint before he was revised. In the series' final issue, in a chaotic battle with Jack Horner, who has been transformed into a dragon, the Lion dies when he is caught in Jack's dragon fire.


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