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    Courtney "Cover Girl" Krieger was the 2nd woman to be accepted on the G.I.Joe Team. A former model, she joined the Army to find a new direction and specialized in Armor. She is skilled in operating and fixing any AFV.

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    Cover Girl was a beautiful and famous model who wanted to be "more than a pretty face". She decided to join the Army to find a new direction and decided to master the un-feminine discipline of Armored Fighting Vehicle Operation and Repair.Proving to be a quick-study and a dedicated student, it wasn't long before she was an Instructor herself.

    Honored to be only the second woman Selected for the elite G.I.Joe Team, Cover Girl quickly proved herself in action against Cobra H.I.S.S. tanks in a night action in Washington D.C.

    Cover Girl excels at combat both vehicular and personal,and has mastered many weapons. She is also a skilled under-cover operative and has helped train new members of the G.I.Joe Team. Her grace,beauty,intelligence,and ability reduce most men to slack-jawed awe.

    Cover Girl first joined the Team in a combat exercise,as most of the regular Joes were practicing Anti-Armor Combat on the firing range, Team C.O. Hawk sent Cover Girl and her "Wolverine" Missile Launcher Tank in against the Remote control targets. Acquitting herself well, Cover Girl did get a bit "catty" with Scarlett, suggesting that she herself would "Hold up better in battle than your face has, dearie".

    Soon, Cover Girl was sent on her first mission. Cobra threatened a full-scale attack on Washington,D.C., forcing Army General Flagg to call almost every Army unit in Virginia and Maryland to defend the Capitol. GI Joe Leader Hawk had evidence that suggested Cobra's true target was the Treasury Building. General Flagg allowed Hawk to deploy the GI Joe Team to defend the Treasury, knowing the small unit (at that particular time in the Joe's history) would face long odds against the might of Cobra if Hawk was correct.

    The Joes were spread out to cover the Treasury. Rock 'n Roll (the Machine gunner) and Bazooka Soldier Zap were placed on the roof, with Team Members Gung-Ho, Tripwire and Torpedo inside. Cover Girl's Wolverine Tank was disguised as a Garbage Truck to keep some heavy firepower close to hand.

    Other Versions

    Danger Girl/G.I. Joe

    After the acquisition of the Danger Girl characters by IDW it was decided to first launch the characters under the IDW banner with a crossover with one of the major properties at IDW, G.I. Joe (as they are owned by the same company it seems possible that these characters exist in the same continuity, though this is never confirmed.) The series starts off with a dog chase involving Scarlett and Flint and they are soon shot down. It is revealed that they were providing escort for a shipment of rediscovered missiles with great destructive power.

    They are soon shot down though and the missiles are taken by Cobra, who also take the two prisoners. Once in Cobra custody they come across Abbey Chase who is acting undercover, though the two members of G.I. Joe do not know this. Elsewhere the American president arrives to the USS Flagg and informs the Joe team to stand down and to not seek to free their teammates. General Flag orders them to stand down.

    The remaining female members (Cover Girl, Lady Jaye and Jinx) come up with a plan where they will contact the Danger Girl team (Cover Girl had previously met Johnny Barracuda.) The team shows up and exposes the U.S. president as Zarana in disguise. Soon enough it is revealed that the Danger Girl team already has an operative in place and she informs them of the plan.

    Firefly is to head to Moscow and detonate one of the missiles while Major Bludd is to go to Beijing to detonate another. Three teams head out, one to each of the two cities and the third to the Cobra base. By now Abbey is under suspicion of Baroness, Destro and Cobra Commander and is captured by Zartan when she attempts to free Scarlett and Flint. While they are trying to escape a team of Low Light, Snake Eyes and Stalker arrive to free them.

    Meanwhile in Beijing a team of Jinx, Johnny Barracuda and Sonya Savage stop Major Bludd while a team of Sydney Savage, Cover Girl and Roadblock stop Firefly. It is soon revealed that there is another missile which is headed for the homing beacon which Zarana has placed on the USS Flagg. Silicon Valerie, Duke and Lady Jaye quickly deal with it. Meanwhile at the Cobra base Storm Shadow has arrived to stop the Joes and he engages Snake-Eyes in combat. Eventually this group is also able to escape, while blowing up the base and they are all reunited on the USS Flagg.

    Other Media

    G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (1983-86)

    She appears in the original cartoon series voiced by Liz Aubrey. Interestingly, in her debut in the 1983 "MASS Device" mini-series, she is depicted with long blonde hair, as opposed to her action figure, which had short, brown hair. When she appeared in the "Revenge of Cobra" miniseries and the full TV show, she was reworked to better resemble her figure.

    G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009)

    Cover Girl appears in the movie where she is played by the Victoria's Secret Czech model Karolína Kurková. She is murdered by Zartan when he stabs her in the back while disguised as a GI Joe trooper.

    Toy History

    Cover Girl was originally released in 1983 as the driver of the Wolverine missile tank. She was the second female figure in the entire line, and had a variant where her eyebrows and eyes were a darker color than her hair; a lighter shirt; darker boots; and a darker belt. While she saw no further versions in the original toy series, the Wolverine tank continued to be available throughout it as a mail-away item.

    Cover Girl finally received her second figure in 2006, as part of Hasbro's Direct-To-Consumer wave of comic book 3-packs. She was given a newly-sculpted figure to resemble her depiction in the included comic (issue #16 of the Devil's Due comic series), and featured a new neck joint and injection-mold shoulders and elbows, new for figures at the time.

    She was also renamed "Agent Courtney Krieger" due to copyright issues during that year. Her third figure came in 2009, where it was based on her portrayal in the Rise of Cobra film. She will be getting a new figure as part of the G.I. Joe Collector's Club's new Figure Subscription Service, and will be similar to the Club-exclusive Sparta figure from the 2011 convention boxed set. She will be a homage to her appearance in the original "MASS Device" cartoon miniseries.


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