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    Character » Courtney Ross appears in 183 issues.

    The one time girlfriend of Brian Braddock aka Captain Britain, though he went missing, they were reunited after she found out he was with Meggan.

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    Courtney Ross was an early love interest of Captain Britain. They met during their college years. She graduated and moved into banking. Her financial skills assured her a series of swift promotions. By the time she met Captain Britain again in "Excalibur" vol. 1 #1 (October, 1988), Ross was Senior Vice President of Fraser's Bank. Her employees had nicknamed her the "Ice Queen".

    Ross was involved in early Excalibur missions. She was an untrained but highly resourceful combatant. In Excalibur #4, Ross was attacked by the Crazy Gang while alone. She evaded the axe of the Executioner and knocked him off balance. She blinded the Red Queen by spraying her eyes with perfume and threw her at the Jester and Knave, taking out all three. She used Tweedledope's head as a step to lead to safety. She was taken out however by Miss Locke.

    During her captivity by Arcade, Ross also revealed a previously unknown talent for stand-up comedy. Arcade tormented her with having her entertain an audience full of android hecklers. If she failed to please them, they would kill her. She actually managed to win the audience over, much to the surprise of Arcade.

    Courtney was killed by Sat-Yr-9 in Excalibur #5, and Sat-Yr-9 assumed Courtney's identity, so all appearances of Courtney Ross after this is actually Sat-Yr9.

    Alternate Realities


    The Earth-9 counterpart of Courtney Ross is Saturnyne.


    The Earth-794 counterpart of Courtney Ross is Sat-Yr-9.


    The Earth-1124 counterpart also called herself Sat-Yr9.


    The Earth-148 counterpart of Courtney Ross is Sa'tneen.


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